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NSW Please help with L's Point system!! (possible simple question, i just dont wanna drive till im sure.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waynoes, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Hey Net rider!

    I need advice on a situation:

    i have my Learners Bike license and am currently on my P2's for car.
    i got fine speeding in my car, and lost 1 point off of my Car license. I was wondering if this 1 point also is transferred to my Bike license also (which only has 1 point as learner)

    i know that if you lose your car license, you lose all other licenses, but i was wondering if points transfer over too.

    If anyone could help me out that would be great

  2. what state are you in... (whoops... just noticed the NSW heading...that answers my question)
    you only have one licence.
    so any points added to your car drivers will also be on your bike learners...
    you don't lose points you accumulate points.

    In NSW you can accumulate 4 points before license is suspended for three months (for Learners permits)... unfortunately a speeding offence atracts 4 demerit points...therefore automatic suspension for learners..however as you said you only got one point for the fine as you were in the car... you might be ok... like NSSerlock says...better check. It's bloody confusing...

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  3. Go to myrta and check your license. It will say so there.
    For a full car and learners bike you lose both if you get to 13 points total. You lose the learners for the bike " if you reach or exceed 4 points for offences committed while using the Learner class."
  4. great information, i really appreciate that.
    I understand that i was speeding and that you say speeding deducts 4 demerit points, but on the fine (which was sent to my business, it said the fine was $X.xx and 1 demerit point. (I was caught 12 km's over the limit by a camera if that helps)
    so if this is correct on the fine paperwork, im guessing it would mean i have 3 points of my learners bike license left? or by them saying it will cost me 1 demerit point it somehow = 4 points because it is speeding?
  5. I guess if they have stated only one demerit point, you should be ok! You have three more to play with :D Use them wisely.. :D
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  6. Yeh it did say 1 demerit point.
    but to make it even more confusing (or may not even mean a thing) but the fine was sent to my boss as i drive a company car.
    under the fine (which was around $500) it said fine will reduce when driver is nominated.
    i was just wondering, as you said 4 points for speeding, if the 1 point on the fine will change just as the cost of the fine will change, once a driver is nominated.

    sorry to confuse you but seriously on the fence right now to go for the nightride i was planning or not :-S
  7. Oh dear.... that's getting a bit complicated..I certainly don't know the answer to that one. Maybe you could bribe your boss or someone to take the fall and nominate themselves?????
  8. go for the nightride... nothing would be registered yet if no driver has been nominated... enjoy! :angel:
  9. Commiting perjury is not good advice.
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  10. It may be the same in NSW , in SA if the company pays the larger amount of the fine and doesn't nominate the driver there are no points because there is no one to allocate them to that's why the fine is more. If your boss will agree to you paying the fine you may be clear.
  11. I suppose bribery would also be frowned upon?
  12. Your 2 licences have their own points, however if 1 is suspended then both are suspended.

    Go to the RTA website (https://myrta.com/clenq/menu.do), sign up for online access and view your demerit points and it will actually tell you this. In typical government way however it is ambiguous and does not in my previous search state one way on their main site. This is from my online access;

    You have a total of 0 demerit point(s) on your licence.

    Both licence classes will be suspended if your total demerit points reach or exceed 13.

    The Learner class only will be suspended if you reach or exceed 4 points for offences committed while using the Learner class.
  13. thankyou for this.

    i think i understand it properly now:

    although on the fine itself addressed to the business i work for, when they nominate me, being on my P2 car license, they will deduct 4 points (although the fine states "loss of 1 demerit point"?) which will in turn leave me with 3 for my Car license and suspend my bike license.

    if somebody could clarify i got this correct that would be great!

    also, thankyou for all the information here, really helped alot
  14. Wrong. But close...
    You're correct about having 3 points left on your P2 car license, but since you weren't on the bike when the offence was committed, your bike license is NOT affected.
    As others have said above:
    So, go for a ride - you still have both your licenses intact...
  15. Well that makes sense. Should not lose your bike license for points lost in the car. Had me worried there for a sec. Still got 7 months on these dreaded red Ps before full lic.

    Just curious, if I lost my bike lice for 3 mths for speeding today will it still be 7mths to my full Lic or 3 + 7 mths for full Lic or some other Calc I have not even thought about?
  16. Licence loss for speeding on Ls and P1 - I thought Vic was bad.

    Although I suppose you don't get fines for 3km/h over.

    From my reading, you'll only get one demerit point since you were driving a car at the time, not four.
  17. ok got i understand now !

    thanks alot for this, i really appreciate it.

    loving this netrider
  18. You can lose the bike license and the car like ensemble if the points are exceeded. For a full car license and a learner bike license if you got to 13 points for offences when driving the car only you'd still lose both.

    The time your license is "lost" doesn't count towards the time required so you would have 3 + 7.