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Please help! What motorbike for a new rider?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by adiacyrus, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, this is my first topic so I hope that I choosed the good part of the forum for that...

    I'm new in Australia (Brisbane) and I hold an open and unrestricted motorbike licence that I obtained in France like 10 years ago... however, i've not been riding for pretty much 9...

    I'm actually considering to buy a $5,000 to $7,000 motorbike, but I have no idea about the one that could suits me best; that's why I need the help and unvaluable advices of confirmed bikers ;-)

    I've been looking around Brisbane through different types of bikes and engines and I found stuff like a Triumph TT, VFR 800, Z750, VTR 1000 or yamaha FZ6N... but nothing that really excited me... i'm more into a sport one or one such as the FZ6N...

    If anyone has a recommendation, that would be really very helpful and much appreciated!

  2. This but in blue.

    Do you have friends who have bikes who would let you have a go, how long as it been since you rode? are you still capable? maybe something mid sized would be best to get back into it without killing yourself.

    CBR 600F 's are popular with people who want sporty looks and feel but more practical then a RR.
  3. A Suzuki SV650S or GSX650F might be worth a look.

    Would help to know what you plan on using the bike mostly for - ie is it for commuting to work, fast riding through the hills/on a track, dirt roads, touring, etc.
  4. Later model zx9r they will do it all :wink: say 2000 model or a good clean 99 should fit in your price bracket.For abit more then go for a 02 /03 model as they were the best of the best being one of the last run price wise they go around 7500-8500 or some dreamers think they can get more. :grin: I have done 120.000 on mine since i bought it 3 years ago and replaced nothing but fuel pump.
  5. @ Zealt: that's just the bike of my dreams ;-) I've been driving a Piaggio MP3 500 for a while... and since i'm not actually familiar with manual shift, i've enrolled with HART for some hours of refreshment... so yeah, no worries, i'm not gonna jump on something i can't handle

    anyway, thank you so much for your answers, I'll have a look at these motorbikes... i'm actually going to use it for road riding, a bit of touring and communting to work - I forgot to mention that i'm also after something that would be confortable enough for a passenger-

    thank's again!
  6. since you havent ridden in 9 years, may i suggest something small like a naked 250 (maybe a cbf250) just to get your skills back up to scratch, also if you drop the naked it wont cost you nearly as much to fix as a fully faired bike. Also they seem to hold their value well, so once your done just resell it and get a bigger/faster bike.