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Please help [very urgent]

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by poseoff, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here...

    I just come across this forum, and was thinking to get some help.

    I just bumped into someone's bike last night, it's a Yamaha (it seems to be old model yamaha), and the bike went down to the floor, and the oil keeps leaking, and also the bike stand (is that what you call it?) is also broken.

    I noticed that the engine oil tank on the bottom part is cracked (creating about 1cm diameter hole) which let the oil leaks out.

    I'm in Brisbane on the southside, if anyone know a good repair shop, pls do recommend.

    And does anyone have any idea how much do I have to pay for the damage I've done?

    I'm seeing myself the following 3 things:
    1. Towing cost (from the accident place to the nearest bike repair shop)
    2. Replace the oil tank
    3. Replace the bike stand

    Please excuse me if I used the wrong terms as I'm not a bike expert, even when it comes to bike parts naming :p

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    p.s. I'm contacting the Yamaha dealer in Moorooka, and Gary's motorcycle towing service (as the bike guy said he usually uses their service).

  2. You can expect minimum $100 for the stand. If it's a crankcase cover, anywhere from a couple of hundred up to a thousand depending on the type of bike. It's more than likely there is other damage you have not found. Like scratches and damage to footpegs, levers or bars.
    If you hit the bike in your car then it'll most likely work out cheaper to claim on insurance. If you knocked it off the stand by walking passed it then you just had yourself an expensive day.

    Consider yourself lucky the biker doesn't tie you to the bike and do laps of the block.
  3. Do you reckon this post is legit?
  4. It is always the small things that end up costing - like replacing bar ends, foot pegs, etc. While each in itself is cheap they do add up.

    I think the best option is to discuss this wtih the bike owner. He / she must have a normal place where they get parts or service, and the would probably suggest where to go. It may be that the owner will be reasonable and only ask for certain things. And the owner may also be reasonable in terms of replacement parts - perhaps buy good parts (such as a crankcase cover) from a wrecker.

    And, no offence to the owner, but depending on where and how the bike was parked it may not be fully your responsibility. As said I am not an law expert or anything, but if the bike was parked in the middle of a footpath and you had to squeeze your way around it then part of the blame may be shifted to the owner too. (note - I doubt this is the case though)
  5. Oooh this sounds bad. Everyone knows those old Yamahas are worth a fortune and hard to get parts for.

    Take Monkeys advice and go the insurance route if you can.

    On behalf of all bikers I would like to thank you for not doing a runner. Many before you have done just that.
  6. Yes, I bumped into his bike while reversing with my car.
    But the thing is I got no insurance with my car, nor does the bike guy.

    Damn, $100 just for the stand?! :?

    Thank God, he is a nice bloke (well educated, still studying at Uni), I can tell coz he didn't tie me to his bike and do laps of the block LOL :LOL:

    Duffman, what do you mean about the post is legit?
  7. Good point! Fully agree with that!

  8. There's been some previous posts of people "trolling" with fake posts just to start an online fight. pretty immature and stupid, but it does happen. We can see that your post is 'legit' :)

    Best of luck sorting something out good (for both of you)
  9. I don't know :oops:
    Something just sounded funny to me.
    I do apologise. I did not intend to offend you.

    Maybe i was just surprised that someone who knocked a bike over would actually be doing the right thing! So full points to you for that :applause:

    I agree with the others, it is very possible that there is other damage you haven't seen. Bikes have a habit of costing more than you expect unfortunately.

    I guess just get a quote and then consider if you want to go through insurance or not.
  10. No problemo duffman.

    Yeah, hopefully apart from those 2 things, there isn't much damage of other parts of it.

    I only had insurance for my car in my first year after buying the car, afterwards, I see no needs for insurance.

    Silly me, I should have been more careful when reversing (I did look at the mirrors though). Well, things like this happen :wink:
  11. geez the crank case cracked from a fall - cant really see that happening unless it hit something on the way down. The handle bars and pegs are usually the first ones to go. How did the bike stand snap?
  12. Strange post. Do you know the owner? Has the owner asked that you find the mechanic to repair the bike? If it was me I would get it repaired and pass the bill to you. Why not recommend that?
  13. I guess that what insurance is for hey! You pay for it *just in case8 something like this happens.

    Oh well, like you say, these things do happen sometimes.

    Seeing as you've done the right thing i hope it works out for you and doesnt cost youtoo much coin.

    Oh and if you think the price is crazily high, dont be afraid to ask for a second quote.

    Oh and also, i suggest when you get the whole matter sorted out, before you hand over a cheque you should get the guy to sign a letter stating that he acknowledges that this payment represents full and final settlement of the matter, or something along those lines.
  14. Hmmmm when the neighbour ran over Stealth Kat it ended up costing him about 1300. Sump cracked sounds really odd. SK did leak some brake fluid from the damaged cap to the brake master cylinder.

    I still havn;t fixed all the damage.. just the must fix stuff... damm gf keeps using up all my spare time. Slowly getting there.
  15. just wanted to say that I have an immense amount of respect for you for taking responsibility and I hope you can get it fixed up for a reasonable price :)

    it'd be nice if we could arrange a mates-rates repair job for him for being a moral citizen :LOL:
  16. I still think insurance should never be optional.
    Cant afford insurance, cant afford to drive/ride.

    My 2c anyhow.
  17. isn't third party compulsory with rego these days? Wouldn't it cover something like this??
  18. depends on the state and what 'type' or third party your talking about, in vic third party injury (TAC) is compulsory and as such is part of registration, third party 'property' is NOT cumpulsory in Vic
  19. ahhhhh what a shame ..
  20. Oi, this is supposed to be bike-only, you know :LOL: :LOL: