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Please help the BumbleBees

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QNBEE, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. I am a very passionate gardener and am all for helping the bees species, if anyone doesn't know bees around the world are in threat of becoming extinct because of the day to day pesticides that are being used in everyday gardens and in the farming communities. In everyway possible we must help them, even if it means planting a few bee loving plants in a bare patch of the garden, they benefit your garden by pollinating your vegies and flowers and you are in return helping them survive, on the condition this is, that you aren't using chemicals in the home garden which can kill them? Can you please take 2 mins out of your time and sign this petition, there is only 24hrs left.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Oh glorious thread, the bad puns are going to bee beeautiful.
  3. What a honey!
  4. I'm breaking out in hives with excitement.
  5. Sign the petition - help create a buzz to take the sting out of this problem
  6. I wouldn't have picked you as a gardener QNBEE :) But bee population collapse could affect us all so its a good cause. - Signed

    When are we going to see you at a Thursday Coffee night again?
  7. People will make a BEE line to sign this.....
  8. I am a HUGE gardener, that's all I do with my time lol my garden is full to the brim, and I have 4 vegie patches that rely on bees :)

    And I thought Thursday were now only the MR, didn't realise there was coffee night on too, whereabouts is it these days?
  9. Still at Stuzzis in High st Northcote we range in numbers up and down but still regular.
  10. Hey QNBEE, what's is a good plant to plant to encourage bees?
  11. Do bumblebees even exist in Australia?
  12. Lavender, Hebes, Hollyhocks, Cornflower, Poppies and Sunflowers, I could go on the list is endless :)
  13. Bumbleebees do in Tassie but not in Australia, we just have the common bee
  14. Rob and Rosemary, everyone loves Rosemary :)
  15. Ok well I may just have to pop down soon then :)
  16. You guys there tonight?
  17. Got a couple of takers, I will be, without bike though. Pity the weather has turned.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.