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Please Help! Strange sound from my 1998 GPX250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Nocker, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Please Help Me!!!

    I've tried the Search button but couldn't find anything. :(

    I have noticed this sound is becoming more frequent over the past week or so and I'm getting very concerned about it. :shock:

    When I start the bike I have approx. 85% choke. About 20 sec after it has started there is a sound that is like a wire rope (like the clutch cable) that is being whipped on a metal casing??? It sort of sounds like... well yeah... something inside the engine whipps around. It definately isn't constant (doesn't sound like it goes 360 degrees round the engine), sort of once every couple of seconds or so. After maybe a minute its frequency is less. The sound is still present now and then during my ride to work which is about 50ks.

    The bike has almost 11,000ks on it. It is due for an oil change, been about 4000ks since last done. Was going to take it in for the 10,000 service soon.

    Any help/suggestions would definately be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. just try this.....
    in the morning when u start it up, do whatever you usually do until the sound comes back. when the sound comes back, stand the bike upright and the sound should go away.
    it needs an oil and filter change.

    also make sure bolts on your bike are not loose as when using choke, it causes alot of viabration and sometimes this can cause the noise.

    dw mate, its nothing to worry about.
  3. Thanks heaps GForce.

    I am/was really crapping my self that it was having a heart attack. I'm planning on doing maintance on the bike this weekend. Including an oil change, coolant change and general check over.

    I've only been riding for about 4 months so this is all still new to me. Any little noise that I haven't heard before and I think that the world is going to end. :eek:

    Thanks again, it's really appreciated :grin:
  4. If youre in Melbourne's east,take it to BTX or the like,wherever is nearest who is a Kawasaki dealer,start is up,ask their mechanics to listen, they should happily give you an experienced informed opinion.