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Please Help: Slipping off seat

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by MangaGal, May 6, 2009.

  1. Hi guys
    I'm new to scooter - still a Learner.
    I'm in Canberra, so winter riding is unavoidable. So I bought myself a Dri-rider winter pants for riding. Today is the first day I wear the pants and I almost slipped off the seat! I didn't realise the nylon material is so slippery against my seat. I'm not the tallest person in the world, so I normally sit close to the edge. When I put my leg out to stop, I was taken by surprise how slippery the pants was against the seat and almost fell off. :oops:

    Anyone can recommend what I should do? I thought of either find a seat cover for it or put some surfing wax on the seat.

    Thanks. :)

    PS. I've got a SYM VS125.
  2. I had some pants like that, I chucked 'em out b/c I couldn't find a cure.

    Maybe you can take them back and try some other waterproofs?
  3. Well, I like the pants I have bcos it's really warm... :oops:
  4. Um, chewy on ya bum then? Dunno, sorry.
  5. That's an idea... :grin:
    My local dealer said I might be able to add a layer of non-slip material on the seat but I thought I'll ask the question here anyway in case someone has found a quick fix. :)
  6. cover it with 'Tank Grip' material imho.
  7. Odd, I have DriRider pants and a VS125 and have not noticed any slippage. Are you cleaning tyhe seat cover with Armorall or similar? These products do make vinyl (and leather) surfaces slippery.
  8. there is a product i saw the other day, cant remember the name of it, but basically you attach it to your seat somehow. its a grippy matting material, looks kinda like flyscreen in the sense its crosshatched with gaps in between, but thicker.

    we used it at work on angled shelves to allow for displays thet didnt just slide off. the motorbike product was rediculously priced at something like $40-50 i cant remember, but im sure you could buy this stuff from some shop somewhere for a sh!tload cheaper....

    just gotta find out what it is called!
  9. Velcro?
  10. go to your local $2 (or whatever they are called) and get yourself some non-slip mat. put that between your butt and the seat should work fine.
  11. Awesome. That helps. I think I know what you mean.
  12. There is a manufacture that used to make non slip seats but mostly for bikes
    ring a few local automotive trimmers and ask pricing for a re cover in Alcantara ( synthetic suede) and treat your self to your first bike mod :grin:
  13. I've seen that too, looked like a seat mesh bra held in place by little hooks, couldnt figure out for the life of me what it was for untill told.
  14. I found this product online called Triboseat non slip cover. http://www.triboseat.com/rider.htm

    Apparently it's a universal fit. I've ordered one and hopefully this will solve the problem. :wink:
  15. Hey MangaGal how goes the Vs :) good to see ya found a fix for ya prob too..
  16. the scoot is great. didn't think i would enjoy riding cos it seemed scary at first. :cool:

    can't wait for the Triboseat to arrive and try it on the VS. :wink:
  17. They're actually quite good. Bought one for the pillion seat on the hornet as my missus was sliding around on the first ride out together. The triboseat solved that problem.
  18. thanks for sharing your story. i can't wait for it to arrive and try it then. my only concern is whether it'll fit my scooter seat. but that guy told me that i could return it if it doesn't fit. :wink: