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Please help, quickly :)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ejwil, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Sorry for double post but i dont know which one to put this in..

    Hey guys,

    I know i am new to this forum but any help would really be helpful, i am just starting with motorbikes and have been riding for three months.

    My bike hasnt been running right from when i got it and someone sugested to clean the carbs. Long story short i took out the cards but found they use JIS screws, not wanting to thread the screws i put back the carbs into the bike and it ran great, untill i went for a drive and got back home ](*,)

    when ever i try and start the bike i have to open full throttle and it cracks for minutes before it starts which is draining the battery. Any advice on what i should do? should i but some JIS and clean the carbs an adjust the float values?

    Or would anyone in melbourne like to come down and help :p

    thanks in advance
  2. why do you open to full throttle? Is there no prime?
  3. sorry, but whats prime?

    It cranks alot, and there is a strong smell of petrol but no petrol leaking or in the overflow tube
  4. Your flooding it,
  5. Thats what i thought, but if it wont start (even without throttle) and after i have let it sit for a while, what can i do to fix it?
  6. Mine was doing that, mixture was too lean, turned the mixture screw, made it richer, started good from then on.
  7. yeah you should be able to just open the throttle very very slightly & start her up...my bike's touchy where if i twist the throttle more than a couple inch's it'll sound like it's trying to kick over but rarely do so ....and what about using your choke?
  8. im going to go see if i can find some screwdrivers for the JIS screws, the mixture screw is on near the float bowl on the carbs yea?

    Choke helps a little, when it does start up the engine starts for a few second with a very low hum and less then 1000rpm it just sits there almost on 0 before it finally moves up to about 3000-5000 rpm with the choke.

    The problem is the battery is starting to get low again when i tried about an hour ago and i dont want to flatten it :S
  9. Just tried it again, still not starting, tried with choke, without choke, fuel on, off (still smelt like petrol?) and reserve.
  10. Once you've flooded, you need to crank for a while (probably 20-30 seconds or more) with no throttle before it will even think about firing.

    Regarding the flat battery, I would normally say push/hill start in second or possibly even third to really pull the engine around and get things moving. However, since you may have a flooded engine doing this could possibly cause compression lock. I don't really know, someone with more knowledge of engines would need to help there. Alternatively buy a battery charger.
  11. and yeah that's what the choke does...it will sit around 3-5 thousand...especially considering it's cold weather of the moment it'll be harder to start ....with the choke on don't expect it to idle like it does when it's running ....when your stopped at lights ect around 2rpm
  12. hey guys, spent the last little while trying to fix it, it no longer smells like petrol when i crank it but it still doesnt start...
  13. If you have flooded the motor ,turn off the fuel, turn the choke off ,open full throttle . Turn over motor a few times. This rids the motor of excess fuel. Buy a battery charger.
    Normally if you use the choke to start a cold motor you do not need any throttle.If you get the bike running ,warm it up, turn the idling down to where the motor just runs and then adjust your fuel mixture to get maximum RPM.then adjust idle to recommended RPMGood luck!
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  14. What suburb are you in ? What's the bike ? How old is the bike ?
  15. Cold start full choke, miniscule throttle.
    If you flood it, open throttle full then close it off and crank it, do not use more throttle.
    btw you don't got for a drive on a motorcycle you go for a ride.