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Please Help!!! newb needs help with a thumper (yamaha SR250)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 90wingman, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Well lets see...how to set this out..okay


    I bought myself a 1980 yamaha SR250. The lady i bought it off said that she had kept the bike in the shed for the past 6 to 10 months where she basically left it untouched.

    I've done a lot of searching but i can't seem to find a lot of info on Yamaha sr250, all ive found is a small manual but it doesn't have enough info for me.

    Problems...and there are a few..hmmm

    1) I replaced the battery a month ago and got it running (but it wasnt easy) but it started to idle pretty fast after 5 minutes or so. I haven't been able to start it since though.

    2) There is a top end oil leak.

    3) The brakes are pretty weak (they're drum brakes so im thinking they need to be replaced) and the rear brake lever is bent upwards.

    4) the speedometer and headlight don't work..so im thinking rewiring needs to be done.

    5) I think that it needs a new brake line.

    So I know im going to have to eventually take this bike to a mechanic but I want to find out if its going to be worth it…I bought the bike for $$900 and I don’t think its worth it to spend another 900 on servicing.

    So my question to you, Netriders, is how much you think it would cost to fix this single cylinder Yamaha thumper. Also is there anything I could do before I take it to a mechanic??? or is this a lost cause.?? :( :(

    and btw am not sure where to post this so ill put in both places...THANKS for reading! :grin: :grin: and appreciate any thoughts
  2. You need a competent Mechanic, I reckon. Find one in your area.
  3. Well... If it were me? Old tech engine, strip it down & fix it yourself, find a service manual, learn all about your bike from the inside out.

    I wouldn't bother taking it to a mechanic unless you really really didn't want to do any work to it yourself, (in which case you should have bought a newer bike!) no idea what it would cost though.

    I don't think the bike itself will be worth much in terms of monetary value, but as a motorbike, it's probably worth the effort.

    Forums such as Tech & troubleshooting are a great help, there is a wealth of knowledge & usually a few people willing to help out.

    Another option would be to organise a spanner night where people come round & help. You would probably need to supply beer though! :)

    Good luck!
  4. Yeah i do want to learn all about how to fix a bike..but i know very little about engines and am worried its p out of my league..yeah i might have to organise a spanner night..thanks MV