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Please Help!!! newb needs help with a thumper (yamaha SR250)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 90wingman, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Well lets see...how to set this out..okay


    I bought myself a 1980 yamaha SR250. The lady i bought it off said that she had kept the bike in the shed for the past 6 to 10 months where she basically left it untouched.

    I've done a lot of searching but i can't seem to find a lot of info on Yamaha sr250, all ive found is a small manual but it doesn't have enough info for me.

    Problems...and there are a few..hmmm

    1) I replaced the battery a month ago and got it running (but it wasnt easy) but it started to idle pretty fast after 5 minutes or so. I haven't been able to start it since though.

    2) There is a top end oil leak.

    3) The brakes are pretty weak (they're drum brakes so im thinking they need to be replaced) and the rear brake lever is bent upwards.

    4) the speedometer and headlight don't work..so im thinking rewiring needs to be done.

    5) I think that it needs a new brake line.

    So I know im going to have to eventually take this bike to a mechanic but I want to find out if its going to be worth it…I bought the bike for $$900 and I don’t think its worth it to spend another 900 on servicing.

    So my question to you, Netriders, is how much you think it would cost to fix this single cylinder Yamaha thumper. Also is there anything I could do before I take it to a mechanic??? or is this a lost cause.?? :( :(

    and btw am not sure where to post this so ill put in both places...THANKS for reading! :grin: :grin: and appreciate any thoughts
  2. If you were to do it yourself it wouldn't be too bad. Probably just a clean up of the to end and you've got some kind of carb issue there as well. You won't have to rewire anything, I shouldn't think. The problem's somewhere else. Brake shoes and brake lines are easy as pie.

    Depending on what it is, and who you take it to you could easily spend another $500 on the bike to get it up and running. Probably more knowing what they are charging for labor these days.

    If you want to get rid of it, PM me. I'm looking for a bike for the GF. :grin:
  3. Mate, the SR250 is a great bike, and when you get bored, you can easily rebore, open pipe etc etc, and there's mods galore - just look at what they do with the SR500s (cafe racers etc). It's also one of the most bullet-proof bikes around! And to my mind one of the most interesting, with its thumps (used to own an SR185 - abused and still being passed around the family, and now an SR500). Getting it sorted won't be too hard.

    1) Could be a range of things, I won't bring my semi-incompetence to bear. At most, get it to any mechanically apt person, shouldn't be much wrong.

    2) That's normal. Assuming it's not a head gasket blown, you can choose either to replace it for aesthetic sake, or ignore it. I'd ignore it.

    3) Inspect, new shoes maybe (cheap - check eBay). Or get that mechanic to look at it. The brakes are pretty weak, and prone to fade when used a lot on really hot days. Learn to engine brake - works well on a thumper.

    4) Is it a broken cable on the speedometer? Simply take it off and see if the metal length inside is in one piece (in which case it's probably your speedo shot) or is broken. The cable is cheap. Could be anything on the headlight, and sometimes a pain. I assume you've checked the bulb; just check the connection of all wires for a start - anything to do with the light, including the connections inside the switches on the handlebars. The was a whole dash on eBay a few days ago, but if it was me I'd buy an attractive mini speedo from Vanem.com.au (check with him, should fit) and get rid of that ugly hunk of plastic (I assume you've got the plastic instrument cluster, not the separate instruments in chrome cases?).

    5) So it's a drum brake up front? Probably do, and until you get the brake serviced properly you'll keep stretching cables. Will have to replace it now and then anyway, when it stretches...

    I would avoid a bike mechanic unless you know the guy will do a thrifty job for you. You can easily get all this work done by anybody who is mechanically competent, so see if for instance there's a backyard car mechanic you know, and get the work done cheaply - it's all pretty simple on this bike, and anybody who can fix an old car can work on this.

  4. Quaterwit: yeah if i lose hope i might end up selling but im in sydney so its probably too far for u.

    Mattb: What a CHAMPION!!! that was exactly the kind of help/info i was looking for and that vanem site looks awesome.

    once again...Thank You :grin: :grin:
  5. Here's some SR project inspiration (all SR400s, but the same thing...)


    One day I want to get an SR250, bore it out to 300cc (or, somebody here tells me an XL350 motor will bolt on!), and make the "99 K Flame Hard Tail (by SHEVRON)"

  6. 90 wingman, keep me in mind anyway. Gotta bring a trailor down from the old town with some stuff anyway. Always room for an SR :grin:
  7. It makes me laugh sometimes that in the past 60 years of motorcycle development we've seen the introduction and evolution of telescopic and leading/trailing-link forks; and hydraulically damped swinging arm rear suspension, both of which are now considered mandatory for safe high-speed riding. AND YET, at the drop of a hat, people will leap back into the dark ages and reinvent rigid frames and girder forks! In fact I believe Harley are making the old 'springer' pattern brand new - what's next, cast frame lugs? hahaah.

    Not that i'm having a go - you've gotta ride something you like and i love the old rigids from way back when, but i've owned a few over the years and they don't make comfortable rides even on the best roads!

    It sort of reminds me of barbeques - despite the convenience of modern interior cooking appliances featuring sterile stainless steel and/or teflon surfaces, no one needs an excuse to dash out the back and cook a few steaks and bangers on a grotty old quater-inch-thick cast-iron hotplate. great to be australian ey? hahaha
  8. Nothing wrong with girder forks. Have a closer look at the front end on the current k series BMWs.

    Stainless and teflon suck. I cook on cast iron in the kitchen. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's improved.
  9. Don't let a mechanic rip you off mate, do the repairs yourself, Thats the fun in having a bike :grin: :grin: