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Please Help: Need good RWC tester in North Melbourne ASAP

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by slickncghia, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. OK guys i need to get my bike past roadworthy ASAP otherwise vicroads wants to cancel my rego

    i am in north melbourne. i went to gassit and they said the bike was fine except for some wiring i need to tape up (will do) and that my brand new headlight wasnt ADR compliant because it dosent have the CE marking on one of the lenses...which although technically true is just a massive trivial pain in the arse and its much brighter than the old broken one and has high/low beam ect ect.

    so i need to find another RWC tester in the northern suburbs preferably that isnt gonna be an absolute wanker about the headlight.

    if anyone knows any decent RWC guys around this area (willing to travel a little bit) or even just some other RWC testers that they might recommend or even know of please let me know.

    I need this ricky-tick guys thanks heaps for anyone who has any decent suggestions.

    Cheers Guys

    P.S yes yes i shouldnt have brought a non adr headlight but thats the one i have now and its a great bright unit and i dont want to/dont have time to replace it.
  2. Re: Please Help: Need good RWC tester in North Melbourne ASA

    Mate, not sure if they are "frioendly" but I hear they are fast - it's the place in Nth Melb that hires bikes out - it's on a corner a block away from the amrkets but I can't remember the name... I'll try find the name for you...

    EDIT: http://www.garnersmotorcycles.com.au/
  3. cheers mate
  4. Ben,

    Give SJ Motorcycles a call in Airport West. It's straight up the Tulla from Nth Melb and would only take about 15 mins to get there. The guys name is Sis. 93382523.

    He's awesome!
  5. There's always Stevos, followed by Turn one.
  6. How about sumoto? :bolt:

  7. Im booked in 9am tomorrow at SJ's, hopefully he can do it while i wait and not be too late for work

    massive touch wood.

    Cheers Dougz and the others

  8. I quite like the service at Raceway but with the headlight it's going to be pure luck as to if the guy picks it.

    My advice, get a cheap as buggery ADR headlight from a wreckers, dodgy it up and get it RWC. Then pull it off and put your bling one on.