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Please help narrow my list!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Duke23, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hi

    I currently ride a CBR250RR and want to move up to a bigger capacity bike now that I have my unrestricted license. I want to spend max $12,000. I am having trouble narrowing down what bikes to look at, as there are so many I like! I dont really mind if it is second hand. I want to have this next bike for a minimum of 2-3years so it has to be something I wont get bored of!

    Bikes I am interested in are as follows-

    600-800cc category:
    Triumph Street Triple (R if fits into budget?)
    Triumph Daytona 675 (R if fits into budget?)
    Kawasaki ZX6R (I love the new 636 but wont fit one in my budget)
    Suzuki GSXR600
    Honda CBR600RR
    Yamaha FZ8N
    Kawasaki Z800
    Suzuki GSR750
    (Ducati Street fighter if it wasnt so expensive!)

    ~1000cc category:
    Yamaha FZ1N
    Kawasaki Z1000
    Triumph Speed Triple (R if fits into budget?)
    KTM Super Duke R

    I realise I will need to go and ride them to see what I like the most, but there is too many on the list to test ride them all! Any help narrowing down the list would be fantastic.

    I ride everyday to and from work (15km round trip), I am just over 6ft tall and 94kg.


  2. The Daytona 675R is awesome kit. But consider the 675 youll save a bit of money and recent tests actually show it can be punted around a track faster than the R. But for pure love/lust the R has it
  3. Personal choice
    Daytona 675 and super duke

    Daytonas always look better in the flesh IMO
    But they look great in the pics
  4. uploadfromtaptalk1357877242430.
    Action shot. Warming up at mallala
  5. I don't think you'll get bored with any of the bikes you've listed in a hurray.

    You'll probably find that simply sitting on them will tell you enough about whether you'd be comfortable on them or not. Other than that, you really have to ride them.

    Oh, just one thing, don't ever ride a bike that's outside your budget.
  6. Sounds like someone is speaking from experience...
  7. 675 daytona or the street triple...

    where are you and how old are you? if you're young i'd do the daytona.. if your a little older or have to deal with heavy traffic for periods of time i'd do the street triple cause of the handlebars rather than clip ons... lets you talke weight off your wrists a bit.
  8. Yes indeed. In 2002 I took an Aprilia Tuono for a test ride. Damn I loved that bike. Every bike I rode after that just felt like a disappointment. I ended up with a Bandit 1200, (I've still got it and probably won't sell it, EVER), but at half the price my disappointment was somewhat reduced.
  9. I luv the touno. The 07R in blue and white...Horn. The new ones are even better.

    So mr OP do you like the ass up riding position or are you looking for a change?

    If it were me and I was coming off a proddy I would buy an old 636..say 06 07 and thrash it at the track a lot...and learn. Then flog it and get my great bike I always wanted. But I'm 78kg. @ 94 your really too big for it with std suspenders. so I'd go the Superduke and drink more beer
  10. This is how I've set my criteria to save me some trouble in agonising over what bike to get:

    1) What style of bike I'm after i.e. super sports, naked, dual sport etc. (in an ideal world I'd have one of each :D)

    2) What manufacturers do I want to stay away from based on quality (or lack thereof) of their bikes and general image that you don't want yourself to be associated with.

    3) Is the bike really worth what they are asking for it here i.e. value for money (I don't mind a difference of 3-4k between the Australian RRP and that in other major markets, but some manufacturers think they can charge Australians whatever they want and have priced some of their bikes at least $8-10k more than in other international markets! Which is a disgrace and an absolute price gouging. I would not ever buy their product and support their rort even if I really can afford it. But this is just my own principle, others might not care. This is your value for money test.

    4) I hardly believe in testing bikes because I think most modern bikes are quite capable, at least more than an average rider's skills. So I'd buy a bike based purely on its look and fit and finish. I wouldn't care if a bike rides very well but is littered with crap parts or has a poor fit and finish (or quality issues despite its astronomical price).

    These are just a few pointers as to how I'm approaching my decision of buying the next bike. Of course you might have your own priorities. So it makes sense to ask yourself a few similar questions as stated above, hopefully it will make things easier for you.
  11. Daytona 675.

    Simply the best bike in your list.

    The CBR600RR is very good as well, but the Daytona is way more interesting.

    What I would do for one...
  12. Do you do any other riding outside of commuting? How have you found the 250rr for riding position? What drew you to the 250rr in the first place?

    Of your list I'd be most interested in the street triple, speed triple and Z1K, but that's obviously personal opinion and largely based upon my love of the look of the nakeds, the relatively comfortable riding position (ie. won't be a drag for longer rides, and provides good visibility for commuting), and still enough fun factor to keep you interested (while your license lasts)..

    I came within a hairs breadth of getting a ZX6R but ended up deciding on a Z1K because it was just a better fit for me and the riding I do..

    I might yet get a sports bike for a track toy, but that'll be a bit further down the road. The Z1K is perfect for everything that I currently do.
  13. Get a bloody good Tuono for $12K
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  14. Now you say that. I had a few things you could have done for my 675R.

    And back to the OP the daytona 675R is the original 675cc triple. MV f3 albiet nice to look at is just wishing it was the triumph. Get the daytona get tye arrow slip on pipe and fall in love with the thing. They are beautiful. And if you get one ill put you in touch with a 675 forum im a member of too. Also with a guy who does cheap parts should the worst happen
  15. Yep agree tuono if you want a naked. Daytona if you want a nice sports bike
  16. uploadfromtaptalk1357896589050.
    Even better than the tuono with arrow low boy pipe. Useable road power. Excellent commuter. All round excellent engine. That triple note
  17. Daytona or Striple in the midrange. Z thou if you want to go bigger. You can't go wrong with those choices.
  18. Luv the Daytona and I'm not what you'd call... that young. Ridden many bikes over the years but she puts generates the biggest smile. Can flick the bugger any which way and the engine braking is superb. Riding position isn't anything that strengthening the thigh muscles can't compensate for to relieve the wrists.
  19. I think you'll have a harder time finding a Daytona R for that money but there will be plenty of Street R's for that money 09 onwards and they haven't really changed. You could save a lot on the Street R than up spec it to your liking with aftermarket pipes , levers, and plastic bits within budget. It's a great bike.