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Please help (mechanical advise please)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattyd, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, only my second post and asking for advise already... a bit rich hey!! Anyways, I was riding my NSR150SP into work this morning and she just died on me in the middle of the freeway... pushed it up the off ramp and gave it another kick. She started up, rode for about 2 mins then just lost acceleration. I'm far from mechanically minded but have 2 stroke dirt bikes and my initial thought is a fouled spark plug. Any thoughts or advise would be muchly appreciated.

    Also wanting to know (if it is the spark plug) where to find one on a Sunday!!
  2. Blockage in the fuel cap vent/breather tube
  3. this happened to me when I got my NSR first off matty,

    the fuel gage showed it had fuel, but I turned the knob to reserve and it got me to a petrol station okay,

    so have you got plenty of fuel in there ?
  4. To be honest there is not a great deal of fuel but definately enough not to run out though....

    so the spark plug theory out the window?
  5. where is the needle sitting ? near the red?

    mine was just above the red when it died, it would start again for a few minutes and die again until I turned the reserve on. then it got me going for good.
  6. OK, thanks quantocks. Will give it a go...
  7. Well.... you were right quantocks!! All I had to do was switch to the reserve tank and ride to the petrol station!! How STUPID do I feel!!!! :facepalm:

    Thanks for your help!! Problem solved!!!
  8. Don't you hate it when something simple makes you feel so fuelish? :LOL:.
  9. Well put!!! :rofl:
  10. Yeah, did you feel like a bit of a c*ck?

    By which I refer to the fuel cock, not your intelligence haha