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Please help me decide.. New/used???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by umirin, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. I'm almost certainly going to get a Hyosung GT250R.

    I was inclined towards getting a Ninja for a very long time, however I'm 6'3 and 92kgs so I think I may be a bit too big for it. It felt 'okay' when I sat on the Ninja, but I could imagine getting cramped changing gears etc. The Hyo is big enough for me and has the added benefit of fuel injection which will be handy for me as I plan on eventually commuting on this bike in the cold mornings.

    My question now is where to buy my bike from. My original limit WAS 5500, but I'm not strapped for cash so I can spend another 600-700 if you guys think it would be worth it.

    Brand new 2011 model (with 24 months warranty) for $6200.
    Private sale 2010 model with ~1700kms for $5500.
    Dealer used 2010 model with ~16,000kms for $4800.

    I've done a lot of research on the reliability of Hyosungs and it seems to me that most people with Hyos are very happy with them and there is a lot more reliability from 2008 onwards. However just to be safe I wanted the peace of mind of warranty.

    Both used bikes already have IXIL aftermarket exhausts on them. If I buy a new one I'd probably go down the path of an aftermarket exhaust sooner or later which will be more $$$. I know that if I go down this path, I will likely lose more money on resale, but I think it will be much easier to sell.

    I'm a bit worried about the dealer used model because it's not often you see a dealer selling for cheaper then private sales? I'm worried there is something wrong with it. However it does come with the 3 months statutory warranty. Will this be sufficient to rule out any problems? I'm also worried that the already higher amount of kms will make it difficult when it comes to resale in a year or so.

    I live about 2 hours away from the private bikes I've found listed, so if there is a warranty problem, do I have to take it back to where he bought it from, or will any Hyo dealer claim it under warranty for me?

    I feel like I shouldn't be paying $5500 for an almost 2 year old bike (even though it has low kms) when I can buy a brand new one for $6200. But my original spending limit WAS $5500. And I didn't really wanna buy a new bike since I'd probably be selling it for a restricted 650 in a year (if I stick to motorbikes).

    Sorry for the long post but it has been playing with my head for a long time now. I'd love any advice! Please let me know what you guys think is best for my situation.
  2. Your buying a hyo of course theres something wrong with it lol.
  3. Do you own or have you previously owned a Hyo? If not, please refrain from posting in my thread with this crap.
  4. You can get warranty claims at any dealer normally. I bought a Suzuki off a guy that bought it in Broome and the local shop in Sydney fixed the horn under warranty.

    The private one seems overpriced rather than the dealer used has something wrong with it. The dealer warranty doesn't mean anything as it would still be under manufacturers warranty.
  5. The hyo's 250s aren't totally bad. I managed to ride one from Melbourne to Sydney without incident.
  6. Go used, negotiate the private one to a more manageable number. You could be able to transfer the warranty in your name without any trouble.

    Hyo's are not bad bikes, had two in the past, including a 2010 GT250 EFI as my first bike here. They do depreciate more than other brands though...
  7. I could refrain from posting crap but that wouldnt be any fun would it.
    Your 6'3 and 90 something kg do you self a favour and buy a 400 or bigger.
    Cb400, gs 500 or sv650 etc.
    You should be able to getsomething in your budget even look at the hyo 650. Though it may blow up
  8. I called them, it doesn't have the manufactureres warranty left

    Yeah they are good on the most-part from all I've researched.

    Based on the prices at bikesales, they don't depreciate much worse. They aren't gonna hold value like a ninja though, and I'm fine with that.

    I'm stuck on LAMS for 3 years so my plan is to upgrade to a LAMS 650 (possibly a Hyo 650) later once I've learnt the ins and outs on a 250, then derestrict it to get another year or 2 out of it. Who knows, I might find motorbikes just aren't for me.. Which is why I just don't wanna spend up too big just yet.
  9. That's weird this says that there is a 2 year warranty, so not sure how a 2010 is out of warranty. Maybe it is a 09.

  10. '10 models are released in 2009..

    I would have thought it would be in late 09 though.. So I thought most of these should have some warranty left. A lot of the private sales ones are saying there is no warranty left too. Maybe the '10 models came out in early 09?
  11. Hmm that makes the used one overpriced if it is out of warranty, I just assumed that they would be less than 2 years old.

    Remember though hat on low end bikes tyres and chain life left is also a factor in bike value as they can be a few hundred each which is a significant portion of the cost.
  12. I will remember that, thanks!

    Is there anything I need to be mindful of if I'm buying a used bike still under warranty? Do I have to transfer the name over at the dealership or have original receipts or what? How does it work?
  13. You need to be only the second owner and have your books up to date (though that is always good)
  14. bud, i'd jump straight to the 650 hyo... Go second hand and EFI. Otherwise you are going to loose a couple of grand making two steps (250 to a 650). Seriously, the 650 isn't any scarier than the 250... its restricted. It also is exactly the same size as the 250, hyosung use the same chassis.

    BUT, from your size and weight, you need the bigger engine. There is nothing the 250 will teach you that the 650 won't. The extra step is completely useless, will only cost you money and your skills won't be any better as a result.

    regarding warranty, you need to switch over the name so yours is on the warranty. Then if something breaks, you take it to the dealer, tell them what broke and see if they'll fix it for free.
  15. Go second hand! I bought my new 2010 one for 6000. I'm not selling it a year later for 3900. I'll probably get 3500 for it. Its done 10000 with no problems.
  16. Absolutely agree with other posters about going straight to 400 or 650. I had a virago 250 first, loved it but very quickly got frustrated by lack of power (and I am 25kg lighter than you). Then got a CB400 which is actually easier to ride and inspires far more confidence.

    I totally appreciate what you are saying about learning on a 250, I said the same when mates told me to get bigger, ignored their advice and then realised they were completely right.

    Why not do a HART course (Confidence and Road Riding Skills) if you are anywhere near a centre, you can do it on a CB400, have a go on a bigger bike in a controlled environment and realise that its actually just as easy to ride as a 250. Its all in the wrist, be gentle and build your confidence (thank god for context on that last sentence...).

    You WILL waste money in the long term.
  17. same for me... i didn't listen and now i regret it...
  18. :rofl:

    Those are 'asking prices', not what they sell for. Bikes that are priced correctly sell and disappear fast, so its the overpriced ones that remain on the site and give a false indication of what is a reasonable selling price. If you want a realistic idea of resale, watching ebay auctions and seeing what they actually sell for is a better idea. Used hyosungs have terrible depreciation as when people hear all the horror stories they want a full warranty, as the risk of picking up a lemon is much higher than with a jap bike. Don't delude yourself, hyos will depreciate much faster.

    Personally I'd spend an extra few hundred and get a ninja 250, they are 5999+orc now, I know several people who've bought them for just under 6500 ride away. But then again if you're looking at hyosungs you must be good at ignoring peoples advise :]
  19. The new bike market is shot at the moment, hence this will push down the used segment. You would be suprised to see what you could buy new if you walked into a dealership with cash in hand.
    If you are 90+ KG you should be steering well clear of a 250.
  20. I had a mate who owned a 2010 GT650 EFI and he put a new pipe on it and it sounded pretty good. He hasn't had any dramas with it, and I've had a pretty extensive ride on it and found it to be pretty good. But he's looking to sell now after buying it new and I think he'll be lucky to get $6k after spending $9k to put it on the road. So I would be:

    1. buying 2nd hand and pushing hard on the price, and consider some other similar bikes and take resale into account
    2. get a 650 - just more grunt (my mate weighs over 90kgs, so he needed it)
    3. start saving hard for the bike you want to upgrade to

    Good luck, I reckon they aren't bad for the price and to start on.