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Please help me choose vehicle to transport 1-2 bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by EV, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. mmm looks like I have to get a car/van? again... what should I choose

    Thinking a van or maybe ute could suit me well, hopefully be less than 2.3M wide and less than 2.2M high, otherwise it would not get in my garage

    Would like something that could carry 2 bikes for trips to track etc and also hopefully provide secure storage for stuff when I have a big day of shopping of building/gardening stuff...

    Anyone see anything work well around or at the track?

    Suggestions please?
  2. I think you'll struggle to get 2 road bikes in a van comfortably, and be able to get around them to attach tie downs etc, my old van was enough with one bike in it and it was a big one. I think a ute, preferably a tray top is the way to go, as you can basically convert it to a bike trailer setup and get 3 bikes on there if you want. Only thing is it's also probably the highest option, which means you'll need a helper to get the bikes on.
  3. About the only van that would have a chance of taking 2 road bikes would be the Mercedes Benz Vito... and you'd probably need the extra long wheelbase version.

    They can be fitted with a rear ramp (by the wheelchair access manufacturers) and the extra length will give you room to wheel the 1st bike to 1 side so you can get the second bike in).

    Having said that I still don't think you'd get 2 large road bike tourers in (maybe a couple of sports 600's).
  4. Trailer + any car you want with a towbar.

    ... you could slightly modify a 2nd hand horse-float to be a pretty sweet bike-tailer. It's covered and will come with ramps for handling a few hundred kilos :eek:
  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same. Get a ute if you wanna carry stuff, get the trailer to chuck the bikes on. Piece of p!ss!
  6. I always thought a double cab ute would be the go, Crewman or Hilux? Don't know is the trays are long enough though?

    Yeah a trailer's not a bad solution
  7. Dual Cab Hilux tray is long enough for 1 bike diagonally, with the tail-gate down.
    Dunno about Crewman but they look a similar size.

    You'd need single cab... or an F250 :)
  8. Yeah get the harley special F250 :LOL:
  9. I've had my zzr250 on the back of my vs commonwhore ute with no probs, could've probly squeezed another bike on pretty easily to. Not so good as far as secure storage is concerned though.
  10. Any of the olfer F series trucks will do what you want, and within those measurements.
    A Volkswagen Transporter may work too, take your tape measure and check the inside measurements.
    The Transporters are good in that the load area has a low floor, and is very wide, with small wheel arches.
    Another option is a 7x5 box trailer. You'll fit two in if you get a trailer with lowish sides, and you'll also have a box trailer, which is bloody useful.
    This also means you can then buy a decent CAR, not a bread van or tonka truck.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Was wondering if my bike could fit into Dad's ute, thanks Ktulu :grin:
  12. nothing bigger than a trailbike or a small 2fiddy ;)
  13. I was recently in the same position: moving interstate and didn't trust anyone else with my bikes. I bought a 1970s Holden H-series ute for $1200. It swallowed the KTM Superduke and the YZF750 without a problem (couldn't quite close the rear tailgate but I just strapped it almost-closed).

    It has a bit of weight to it, good when you have 400kg of bikes on board. The 3.3 6 cylinder engine has adequate power- you don't want to be going too fast with your bikes on board anyway. If you want more get a V8.

    Get a ute- as opposed to a one-tonner with the cab/chassis arrangement, because you carry your load substantially lower for better C-of-G, as well as much easier loading and unloading.

    You might struggle to find a good ute in Sydney or Melbourne but any country town is full of them.
  14. If you are looking for a van, then I would suggest looking at the Ford Transit Van. They have a long wheel-base and a higher roof that something like a Toyota Hiace, and should hold a couple of bikes easily. However, I would also lean towards the car + trailer idea, just because it is more versatile.


  15. If you're moving bikes often this company does cool conversions to vans/utes/trailers that lower the floor to ground level making loading/unloading an easy one-person job.
  16. Are you serious? Transits are teh most unreliable, expensive vans you could ever hope to buy!
    We had one at one of my old jobs, it had 130,000kms on it and had been through two clutches, a gearbox (manual) an injector pump and was generally falling apart. The steering rack was awesome, very vague, a knock when turning the wheel, but no one could fix it.
    I've heard similar issues from other Transit owners.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Transits after 2001(?) are much better than prior ones.

    :!: There are a couple of pretty cheap moto trailers on eBay atm!
  18. After you've seen $10,000 worth of push bike destroyed in a rear ender whilst on a towbar rack, I'd think again before putting my Motorbike back there. Doesn't take much of a nudge to cause some serious damage when your bikes mounted up there. At least on a trailer there is some protection.