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Please help me choose a bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by v_man85, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Hey people,
    I am looking at buying either a kawasaki zxr250, aprilia rs250, hyosung gt250 or a suzuki rgv250.

    this is for my L plates.

    at present the option i think i will be going for is the aprilia.

    i have searched this forum for ages and cant find exactly what im looking for. can anyone tell me what the aprilia is not the best option?

    i now rebuilding the aprilia can be expensive, but is it not a better bike than the rest?

    i dont like the crb250rr, and i dont know much about hte hyosung....

    thanks in advance
  2. Two of the bikes you have metioned you can not ride on your L's & P's!

    The aprilla RS250 & Suzuki RGV 250 !

    Your gonna have to find another bike thats a Learner Approved Motorcycle!

    Check this site for all the info on what u can anc cant ride on ristrictions...

    Approved motorcycles for novice riders(RTA)
  3. Welcome to the forum, and, wot she said :).
  4. in Victoria i can ride those bikes......
  5. im pretty sure that in victoria, the only limitation is the bike has to be under 260cc.....

    but thanks for the concern!

    and thanks for the welcome! i cant wait!
  6. just posting an extra 2 links so i can post a URL!
  7. last one!!!
  8. If you had put your location in your profile :roll: .............
  9. sorry, if i knew how to change it i would!

    ill try do it now...

  10. Good man; helps old fogies like me not to make the mistake that I made!! :wink:
  11. The aprilia is a brilliant 2-stroke race bike and will be a complete biatch on the road. All of these bikes are race replicas and aren't built to be easy to learn on, commute or ride in town. That doesn't stop the ginos though.
  12. Honestly, I am happy with my ZXR250. The only issue with that is the choke to start in the morning.. not so much of an issue.. most bikes require choke.. but wonder why the CBRs don't need to.. auto-choke?
  13. how does the petrol comsumption compare between the 2 strokes and the 4 strokes?
  14. I believe 2 strokes use more, given the nature of the engines needing to rev so much - but I am not entirely sure.

    And my GPX doesn't need choke, just a few quick blips after starting and she warms up happily.
  15. 2 strokes use more. A good hint is their name, a 2 stroke has a power stroke every downstroke, hence will use more fuel than a four stroke.
    Add to that they mix oil into their fuel, making them use fuel less efficiently(but twice the power srokes makes up for that).
    I'd have to say, I'd only buy a 2 stroke if I was a real enthusiast, the ongoing maintenence and poor manners are big drawbacks, expecially when you're supposed to be too busy learning to ride.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. so is the hardest thing about riding a 2 stroke, getting used to the powerband?

    what would you pay for a decent aprilia rs250?
  17. A good condition RS say 99 onwards is $6000 upwards.

    Yes the hardest thing about strokers is the power band. You also have to have money to pay for someone to do the top end, or have the abilities to do it yourself.
  18. You can get anything under 260 in Vic? That totally sucks! I'd get an rs250 or even better, nsr250 repsol paint, AWESOME.
  19. If you have a budget don't forget to look at insurance before you buy your bike. Maybe something like an Across would be a good option? Good usable power at lower revs.
    Mines in the for sale section.