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Please help - major problem

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Jamsq, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I stupidly took my carburettor out, cleaned it, reassembled it (correctly, I thought).
    Now I've put everything back together, bike wouldn't start at all. Tried to jump it and still would not start and now I have a fuel leak.
    Is there anyone out there willing to show me what I've done wrong and help me fix it. I really want to learn rather than taking it to a mechanic.
    I'm currently based in Richmond.
    My number is 0411 216 818
    Thanks in advance

    Ps I'm very desperate!!!
  2. If I was close enough, would happily come and help you over some beers :)

    Good luck!!
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  3. Bike make and model might help. Where is it leaking fuel? Is your tap switched to run or if you have a prime setting did you leave it switched to that? Did you play with the floats or the tabs they swing on?
  4. relax and tell us all about it. do you know the components that you played with. when you cleaned it did you replace/inspect orings? where is the leak coming from (overflow/gasget/other hose?)
    have you inspected the plugs?
  5. without more detail first guess float needle
  6. Agree this also came to my mind
  7. Hi guys, thanks for all the responses thus far, such a great community! Right so, I did take the float bowl gasket off to clean with carb cleaner, it had a glue thing it was attached with. The needle looked perfect but when I moved the carby it may have dislocated as I had out for a week. Didn't change the O rings as they looked good, also all jets were clear, some jets -the pilot jet I didn't touch because I couldn't get to from not being able to take screw out. The fuels looks like it's coming from the engine? Also the air controle valve from air filter goes nowhere, does it connect to the carburettor? Thanks again everyone - suzuki intruder 250vl lc - this is my first bike, bought in December, rode to Sydney and back in January. It's a 2010 model
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    It sounds like you may have inadvertently adjusted your float level - very easy to do in disturbing your float / float bowl. Your float activates the needle by a little tab near the float hinge pin. I removed my float bowl then pushed the float up a little too hard in checking the actuation of the needle, and bent the little tab that pressed the needle shut. Result? The float would thereafter not close the needle, and my bike was permanently flooded - Petrol would run out the carby overflow. This MAY be the source of your problem. I don't KNOW if it is. It is one possible cause.

    Solution? I had a manual for the motorcycle, and had to look up how to adjust float level. Such a manual these days can generally be downloaded. This will also identify where all the hoses connect.

    Other things that can cause leaks after disassembly are o-rings which have been disturbed replaced with a twist or flat where there there wasn't one before or a pinch, preventing full seating of the faces of parts which mate. The float bowl / carburettor body seal is often hard to get right. Fresh seals/o-rings and gaskets are a good idea to have on hand whenever these seals are being disturbed.
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  9. Okay, thanks for the info, I think I may have to take the Carburettor out again and check the float needle. It looked fine when I inspected it and I didn't bend or move the floats or the hinge spring holding the needle at all. But I did tip the carburettor up and down to hear it bounce inside. The Gasket glue/sealant I am worried might have an effect, I didn't reseal with sealant, I just put the gasket in best I could how it came, didn't think the sealant would make a massive difference. I also bedded a screw that is stuck and will have to re-drill it out.

    I have a VL125 manual which I got pdf and printed. I couldn't find the 250VL manual but believe its the same engine barr the capacity but everything else is very similar.

    NOTE: there is a hose coming from my Air Control Valve that is just going to nothing, and there is a tube stick out of the carburettor near the Slow Air Jet that maybe it connects to?? The diagrams are really hard to tell from the small b&w pictures. One online suggested that the tube cannot be plugged.

    The next step if i can't get help is to get a mechanic to come and pick it up I suppose :(
  10. Hey man, I played with the whole carburettor, except I didn't take out all the jets.

    so far since I haven't been able to take it apart I have:
    - changed headlight
    - covered exhaust in fibreglass mesh
    - pulled carburettor out and cleaned it (although already spotless)
    - cleaned chain and re-greased
    - re-sprayed all fenders and body
    - side mirrors
    - New oil change and oil filter
    - cleaned and re-oil air filters
    - new spark plugs

    I have spent so much time and money on this bike and hoping to get it up and running before uni goes back March 10th. I really want to ride it but am so strapped for cash worried mechanic will charge a fortune, plus really want to learn to help others

    Leak looks like it is coming from the engine head, directly under bike at front.
  11. Thank you sir! hoping there are others as generous that could, cheers!
  12. Oh I recon its the head light
    good luck