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Please help, knowledge and parts needed for a dropped SV650S

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Azzab, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I had a little tumble on the coast run Saturday. Nothing major just had a compression lock up and lost control in some gravel at about 20-30klm. Bike slipped out from under me and ended up on its right side.

    So I need to ask for two favors member knowledge on how to fix a couple of things (inc referrals to specialists maybe) and for parts from anyone who is wrecking a 2009ish model SV650S (in white preferably).

    The must fixes are;
    1. Right clip on moved slightly, does anyone know how or what I loosen/adjust so I can straighten it back up again.
    2. Right foot peg and brake assembly is broken - need one ASAP.

    The will get toos when I find parts
    1. Exhaust replacement
    2. Radiator cap
    3. Right side bar end
    4. Right brake lever
    5. Right mirror
    6. Right panel that hides the wires under the front fairing
    7. Right indicator

    The referral work
    1. Someone who plastic welds and maybe even paints to fix the fairings

    So there it is guys, if anyone can offer advice on the clip on and fairing it would be great. And if anyone else wants to offer me bits from their SV650S at significantly reduced prices (this is my second flop in 4 months after all and its gettin kinda expensive haha) Id be forever in your debt.

    Thanks :)
  2. There's a couple of bolts on the clip on that you would loosen off. There is a locating pin on the clipon that mates into a hole on the triple clamp so it shouldn't have moved that much. If I remember correctly they are 10mm heads on the bolts.

    The rest I can't really help with, try the wreckers for replacement parts, eBay or SVDU.