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Please Help! I was nearly forced off my bike on the M1 QLD

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ducati_davidson, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. I Need to find this bastard and rip his balls off :x :x :x

    I was riding home from work on my bike northbound on the M1 just passing movie world on the Gold Coast and green mazda 626 (ford telstar) hatch screamed up behind me and drove around me in the Rh emergncy lane and then swerved into me forcing me out of my lane !!!!!

    I caught up to him and waived arms and screamed at them, they were laughing and swerved at me again !!!!

    i followed them to the BP coomera turnoff at speed signaling them to pull over and kept saying the rego in my head to remember it but forgot it

    They locked the brakes up at 100 km\hr and tried to brake check me and knock me off my bike just before the BP Coomera turn off. I pulled into the BP coomera and a driver and motorcyclist came to my aid asking what happened but nobody got the rego. then the car drove thru the servo service road with the lights off and took off, all of us couldnt find them..

    The car was green (like a bad faded hothouse green) hatch around 83 model like this

    They were two guy's in the car, driver early 30's stocky fat build, short hair, wearing a maroon's NRL jersey and the passenger was skinny in his late teens early 20's

    It was a Green queensland plate and there was 1 bumper sticker on the rear bumbper.

    this is what i was on

    I'ed love to find this bloke that thought it was funny as to risk my life !!

    Just need the Rego so i can go to the police :bad-words:

    Any info please email me at steve_lainie@hotmail.com
  2. Re: PLEASE HELP i was nearly forced off my bike on the M1 QLD

    What F***heads... How big do they feel :jerk:

    Glad to hear your all right mate.
  3. I contacted the coomera BP servo and a witness left a name and phone number.
    The servo caught the wanker's car on there camera's with rego and you can see there face's thru the windscreen . these assholes are gone !!!
  4. good stuff, hope the cops and magistrate do their jobs..
  5. They should get done for attempted murder.
  6. I now have a witness, The Rego and CCTV footage of the car in question
    both the witness and i have contacted the police,
    So we'll wait and see how it spans out
  7. Very interested to hear how you go. Make some noise, these guys shouldn't get away with this.
  8. Hate to be cynical but I doubt anything will happen :( If QLD police are anything like Vic police, that is. Good luck though, mate.
  9. This is awesome, hope they cop a reaming.
  10. ...and that's why I'm getting myself an R1: "...so long Assclowns, yee-haw!"

    Good luck with the case (if any).
  11. Hopefully the po-po get it right for once and they cop it.
  12. At the risk of sounding insensitive, next time, don't try to negotiate with terrorists. An unfortunate aspect of road motorcycling is the necessity of learning to chill and fall back when someone endangers your life. This involves over-riding the natural instinct of wanting to rip bodily organs out of the person in question. Go to a gym and pump some iron to get it out of your system.

    Re the expectation of the popo being f*n useless, while this would normally be my opinion, I think if oozuk can evidence some damage to his bike / gear / person, and mention that he requires a police report for an insurance claim (regardless of whether this is his intention), then it might force their hand and result in an investigation. Worth a try?
  13. Psychos. Glad to hear you got out of it unscathed.

    Please keep us informed, I'm keen to hear what comes of this...
  14. That's really ferked up dude. Good luck with it and keep us all informed!
  15. I hope the cops do something about it, they deserve a reaming.
  16. +1 to what speed_demon said. Sure, they were being dangerous and deserve to have the book thrown at them. But as soon as you raced after them and started waving your arms around you were endangering yourself. By your account of the event, your actions did not change their attitude - if anything it made them worse. Which in turn prompted you to chase after them again.

    It sounds to me like you were increasing your risk profile considerably instead of acting to minimise the risk. I've been hotheaded myself, chasing after somebody when they muscled me out of the way and riding behind them with my finger on the horn. But afterwards I realised that all they had to do was tap the brakes hard once and I'd have been off the bike, on the road, and it would have been entirely my fault. I let their risky behaviour prompt me to do something far more risky.

    It is just not worth it. You won't change their minds or teach them a lesson. All you do is put yourself in a position where somebody else can cause you to crash, and do so in a way that will be your fault. Why give them that power over you?

    I know of some people who ride with a camera so that they can use footage to get the police to press charges if people around them drive dangerously. That seems like a much safer way to approach things.
  17. +1 - your own safety is the first priority. Take a deep breath, relax and get far away, ahead or behind. Even stop off for a coffee if that helps. Following up might be satisfying but it's just putting yourself in more danger.
  18. I made a statement that night, it's onto the police now, i have a witness that had the rego and i've got CCTV footage of them at the servo when they folowed me in so there in deep poo poo!!

    Some goods words of adivse there thanks, i need to take a chill pill and not let nobs get to me
  19. True - and next time I hope you chillax and let the knobs drive on by.

    But I admit that it will be interesting to see whether the police actually follow up on this. Keep us posted.
  20. hope you get your justice, and you will never forget to just let it go next time.