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Please help...finding cheap maintenance bike for short guy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by squallsiege, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm 22 years old male and I would like to find a motorbike. I have zero knowledge about motorbike but I already got a licence. I'm planning to use them about 2 or 3 years, maybe more. I have three question that would require help from you guys.

    1. What type of bike is suitable for me from those criteria below?
    -I'm interested in road motorbike with fairings (sport) and I dont like scooter
    -I'm a type of people who don't prefer to speed
    -I would like to find 125cc to 250cc (my budget is around AUD$3500-4000)
    -I'm prefer motorbike with low maintenance and service cost (so, I thought 4 stroke with 1 cylinder or 2 cylinder as they have lesser service cost)
    -economical fuel
    -can be used in freeways (100 km/h) but most of the time I will traveling in suburb
    -btw, I'm a small person (163 cm, 60 kg) and I prefer to travel alone

    I have done some research and I think that most suitable for me probably is Honda CBR125r but will it maintain 100km/h in freeway (travelling alone)? Are there any other suggestions?

    2. Is it possible if I can made maintenance and services by myself? I'm very technical person and I determined to learn mechanics of motorbike. What books or website (with picture) should be recommended to learn from?

    3. About storage behind a motorbike, a bag one, is it lockable? can people just leave the bag behind their motorbike?

    Sry for the long questions. I hope you guys will help me. Thank you very very much for your reply. ^_^
  2. welcome to NR

    the first thing i can suggest is to read the new riders forum as it will answer your questions and some.
  3. 1. Sounds like a 2nd-hand Kawasaki GPX250 would suit you perfectly. It's got a fairing, it's reliable and it's quite common/popular so should be easy to find cheap parts and to find a good one for under 4 grand.

    2. Yep. Some bikes will have specific service manuals available, otherwise you can make do with a generic service manual. Basic stuff should even be covered in the owners manual.

    3. You can lock a bag by putting a padlock between the zips but obviously that's not great protection so depends on where you're leaving the bike. Other option is the hard plastic, lockable boxes like those made by Givi

    Oh and welcome to Netrider.
  4. Yeah man, I have a solution... you can't have one now, gotta wait till I get them ADR approved.

    Its like a CBR125, but a bit hotter, looks more like a CBR1000

    Single cylinder 200cc, more power than CBR125 and weighs a little less...
    should cruise at 100 bit more easily and maxes out closer to 130 then 100 like the CBR125.

    Let me know if you interested. Few months wait tho... Cheaper... around $3.5k RRP
  5. gpx250 sounds like the biz.
  6. Meh at GPX...

    This is BRAND NEW.. looks hotter and is as cheap. GPX for under $3k is pretty old now... and I don't care what anyone says.... a CBR1000 Replica looks more sporty than a GPX.

    Just look at the pic.