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Please Help - bike won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Makovitza, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone. I just went to pick up my VTR250 from the parents of my friend who has gone overseas and lent her bike to me while she's gone. However, try as we might we couldn't get the thing to start!! At first the engine turned over but didn't start, then it started but cut out almost straight away. Now the only thing that happens when I press the starter switch is the clicking of the starter motor - the engine doesn't turn over at all. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I was so excited about picking up the bike, and now I'm so depressed because I can't ride it. Please help...

    Christie :(
  2. take the battery out and charge it :) if not try push starting it.

    or is the killswitch on? (stupid question but it's caught me out way too many times)
  3. From the sound of things you might have tried to start it until the battery has gone flat. Have you checked a these few things while you were starting it? Fuel, fuel tap, kill switch.. And also when was the last time the bike was started?
  4. Definately sounds like the battery needs a bit of a good charge.
  5. Thanks guys. I've checked the kill switch isn't on. I think there is enough fuel - not quite sure how to tell but certainly I can hear it sloshing around in the tank. I did wonder if it was the battery. Hate to sound completely clueless, but how does one charge a motorbike battery?
  6. Is the starter clicking...or whirring?

    If whirring...this happened to me i had used to much choke and then throttle while starting the bike...i flooded the engine (i had just upgraded from a scoot)

  7. I guess it's kind of whirring. I also worried about having flooded the motor - but doesn't it drain away after a while? It took me a while to push the bike home, and it's been sitting in my garage for about an hour now...
  8. check kill switch
    check fuel tap
    check choke
    check battery

    if your 100% sure battery ok and fully charged.. try clutch starting..
  9. check the fuel tap - it's a little black spinny knobby thing on the left, just under the tank. The arrow should be down for off, up for reserve and sideways for off. Turn it on if it's off and twist the throttle while pressing the starter.

    Take the battery out of the bike and plug it into a battery charger, you might have to pick one up from supercheap auto or repco...
  10. ok ok ok....

    I'm a seasoned VTR250 rider.

    Check that the fuel switch is turned to 'reserve', just to make sure your getting all the fuel.

    Charge the battery up using a 12v battery charger that plugs into a normal powerpoint, you can get these at car stores.

    If your bike doesn't start after charging the battery, you may need new spark plugs.

    Try starting the bike with full choke on.
  11. if it's a whirring kind of sound from the starter motor (electric spinning type sound) but the engine itself isn't kicking over at all, it sounds like your starter motor's carked it. if it's actually turning the engine over, but just not firing up, then you've got the fuel/battery problems.
  12. It's been a super-busy weekend, but I've managed to pick up a battery charger and the battery is charging as I type this. Hopefully it will fix the problem. I do hope it's not the starter motor or spark plugs...

    Anyway, thanks again guys. Once I've got the thing going maybe I'll be able to thank some of you in person on a Netrider ride :)
  13. unless its done 100000kms, it wouldnt be your starter motor. plugs? possibilty, but unless they are 20000kms old, they will still work. check that there is fuel in the fuel bowls. on the inside of the carburettors, there are little square projections, these are your fuel bowls, on the out side lower face of each one there is a tiny stanly face screw to drain the bowls, unscrew these and see if fuel is coming out, if fuel isnt coming out most likely cause is you floats are sticking, a few gentle taps on the carb bowl should remedy this. these do stick from time to time, its happened to me twice. generally only one is stuck, and the bike is a bastard to start on one cylinder cold, but it can be done. do not try and roll start the bike with choke, chances are youve already flooded the cylinder which is not affected adding choke will just make this worse.
    is there a strong smell of petrol when you try and start it? youve just flooded the engine. you can charge the battery with normal jumper leads and a car, but some people reckon its bad, a proper charger would be better, the VTR uses a 12 volt battery.
    when you try and roll start, second or third gear is better, and give it about quarter throttle when popping the clutch, at the same time jump on the pegs to try and give a bit more traction on the back wheel instead of just sliding.
    hope this helps

  14. Well, I charged the battery yesterday and finally in the evening I got the bike started!! So I was able to go for my first ride - I was so excited :) Thanks again everyone for your help - it's so amazing to be able to just jump online and tap into such a fount of motorcyling wisdom!!

    Christie :)