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Please give blood.. a story for you..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tanyathecheeky, May 23, 2007.

  1. Just under 2 weeks ago, a very good mate of mine had a horrific bike accident.
    Extensive internal bleeding, she split her liver in 2, ripped two arteries, damaged her spleen, kidneys and bones.
    All at a speed of less than 40kmh turning into a street on her way to work.

    Your body holds 24 units of blood, she's used 130. Without people donating blood and blood products, one of the most fantastic people I know wouldn't even be still with us. She has an incredibly hard journey in front of her, but I am so incredibly thankful that she is still here at all.

    I ask everyone who possibly can to donate blood, you mightn't know Sasha, but I thank everyone who has ever given blood and sincerely ask everyone who can to do so, you never know who might need it.

    Please take care.
  2. Thats exactly why I donate. I hate to see people suffer like that but to know my blood can save a life and it only takes an hour and half out of every three months, its well worth it.
    Plus I get a free milkshake at the end of donating :p

    Hope your friend has a good recovery tanya :)
  3. Sorry to hear about your friend Tanya. Sending hugs and good wishes to all affected.

    +1 on the donating blood. My daughter's another who's needed a fair bit of the stuff.
  4. I would donate, but am not "allowed" unfortunately.

    Tis a shame, I got good blood.
  5. It sounds like your friend has a long road ahead of her Tanya :cry: , and to survive those injuries she must be one tough girl.

    Thoughts and healing prayers to you all [​IMG]
  6. My blood replenishes itself so im happy to give some away to help people in situations like your friend. I encourage all of you who are able to do the same. Don't be scared about the little needle, but instead just think of the pain that the people who will receive your blood go through.

    Which reminds me, it's probably time for another visit. :)
  7. Why don't we organise some netrider blood giving events. We could make it a social thing, go give blood before going out for coffee or something.
  8. You just have to make sure you don't get any slight sideaffects from donating. I doubt being a bit light headed would be good for riding :p

    Though that actually might make a bit of a good story. "Riders banding together to help victims of accidents etc.."
  9. Well if you could find a coffee shop near a blood donation place, you could walk from donating to the coffee shop. Then you don't have to worry bout side effects cos you can sit back eat and relax for a while there. Anyone up for this type of thing in the sydney area one weekend?
  10. I probably should go do it soon.

    I am in one of the smaller types of blood catagories, so I should be doing quite often
  11. If you need a selfish reason to give blood, do it to find out your own blood type for when you're in trouble. That's what I did just recently. :oops:
  12. regular donor here but maybe not often enough since Im usually still pissed at work the next day. Will have a breather day so I can donate again.

    PS you owe me a "favour" for saving some motorcylist if I have to give up my beer for a night :p
  13. Summer blood challenge?
    Winter blood challenge.

    How about we all turn up to Southbank one Friday night after the challenge has started, walk the 15 minutes to Dracula's house and be bled?

    Then we can be on our way to winning the competition.


  14. I tried giving blood once, I passed out and hit my head afterwards.

    Stupid blood pressure.
  15. I would love to donate blood, I have great veins and they wouldnt have any trouble getting it out of me but since i'm from the UK they wont take it.......
    Surely in this day and age they must be able to do some sort of test to find out that i dont have mad cow disease ??? :)
  16. Merlo Coffee shop's in Brisbane city are suppporting a motorcycle blood donation day, I will grab the full details and post up later.
  17. I don't know about other donors, but I find the little pin prick they do to your finger is worse than the big needle in your arm.

    Perhaps I'm just precious? :oops:
  18. Hahaha... you and your Steve Bracks cutbacks...

    At Clarence Street Blood Bank (Sydney CBD) you get Hot Dogs as well... mmm, artery clogging goodness...

    The problem with trying to donate blood in winter is that you have to have been without a cold for a month... I have kids, I am happy if I am without a cold for a week... cough cough splutter...

  19. Already booked in for my next delivery with dracula
  20. I recently gave blood for the first time in January this year. I know I should've done it years ago but after seeing my wife laying in a IC unit in hospital requiring blood it hit home. MUST DONATE BLOOD.
    So I donated while I was there.
    great feeling of achievement

    I'll definitely be visiting Draculas house again.