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Please feel free not to share ..no really!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Den Monkey, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. ok so a few hours ago I was sitting at work pissin and moaning about the weather outside. Was nice and sunny when I left home today at 1300 but when its time to leave at 2100 it starts to rain.
    No biggie happy to ride in the rain but would still like to poke murphy in the nose for his troubles.

    Anyway when someone kindly mentions that its pourin out and that Im gonna get all wet on the bike a near by worker asks me if I mean motor bike.

    Of course I answer yes.
    At this point she starts to share the tale of her BF's friend who had an accident on one and pretty much had the skin ripped off his leg like a glove. That and other nasty details.

    I got to thinking that when ever someone finds out I ride they always have some shitty accident story that they feel the need to share.

    Im not easily bothered by this stuff and its more of an interest to me than anything else.
    Im aware of the risks but don't really need to here about every god awfull event that involves a rider being dismembered.

    Just a little consideration would be nice is all.

    Why is it so ??
  2. Word association - Joe Average relates bikes to accidents

    They see it as their civil duty to warn you of the dangers :roll:
  3. They think they're doing you a favour by frightening you away from bikes with gruesome stories.
  4. It's the only thing non-riders really have in common with us.

    They are too scared/poor/whatever to get on a bike, and there's no reason to do it unless you love it - so the common ground is stories about motorbikes.

    ... and sadly the most common and well-known stories are the stacks.

    You never hear "Oh a friend of mine once rode a bike and had a great time, they got mad lean on some corners and then parked without incident THE END."

    You hear, "Yeah, a friend of mine ran over his cat and killed himself 3 yrs ago, thank god the cat survived... blahblahblah" stories.
  5. Death and decay make great stories.

    Which got me thinking, them guys on big brother will only be known for turky slapping the girl :LOL:
  6. That's when you come back with "Do you drive a car???? A few mates of mine have died/been injured in one of them! One of them suffered severe internal injuries, they should ban them!"

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I'll remember that.

    I can't wait to try it on someone.
  8. It links up with the smoking thing, too: people seem to assume that when they tell you these stories, you'll go "OMG, I never knew riding bikes was DANGEROUS! I must sell mine immediately!"
  9. Or better. "Do you drive a car. A mate of mine killed someone else in one of them. I don't know how he can live with himself. Destroyed several lives. They should ban them "
  10. I want to know why the RSPCA isn't complaining about cruelty to turkeys in all this, after all who’s watching out for the slapped turkey :rofl:
  11. The turkey owns a Pajero. No one cares about the turkeys driving Pajero,s
  12. Now THAT I'd like to see.
    *gobblegobble GET OUTTA THE WAY YA FARKEN BIKER gobble
  13. I can totally relate to this, what is not dangerous? is any thing in this world not dangerous? every activity we do in our day to day life has a certain danger level to it, western society has been so spoiled and desensitized that natural selection does not apply to them, the difference between a car driver and bike rider is that the rider knows that the road is a dangerous place...always.
  14. I always find it amusing. Between 5-10x as many people die in cars. Why aren't people telling us gory stories about how their loved ones were crushed/dismembered/mangled in some horrible car accident every time we go to jump in a car?

    This is what I normally say, and it usually shuts them up.

    Alternately, just as many people die as pedestrians per year as motorcyclists. I usually ask them to tell me some stories about how some pedestrian got mangled by a car/truck/tram. Again, usually shuts them up.
  15. wang chung???

    What the dickens are you guys doing with nicks, down there, matt????

    I don't believe it

    The word I used was d i c k e n s :roll:
  16. Nice avavtar, dead heats in Zepplin races are hard to find...
  17. and as for PT, you're far more likely to be blown up by terrorists in a train or bus! bikes are looking the safer and safer option here :grin:
  18. Because thats the way bikes are portrayd (sp?), i can tell u injury/fatalaty stories anbout every sport/hobby i've ever been involved with from RC planes to fishing (most dangerous hobby in the world) , it's like cancer, everyone knows some one who died of cancer but if the person beats it no one ever heres
  19. Nope - most dangerous is lawn bowls...

    More people die while playing lawn bowls than while playing anything else. Fishing only comes in second. :LOL:

    (think about the demographics of the average bowling club)

  20. I'd debate that, it may be true in Australia or even western culture but world wide i still think fishing would be #1.