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Please explain.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by midnight, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Decibel racing . Has anyone heard of it ? What is it .

  2. that's bloody halerious..... looks like chapel st on a saturday nite.

  3. Is that what it is :shock: the reason i ask is because we have a decibel racing ride tomorrow . Now im scared :roll: .
  4. A decibel racing ride... is that who has the loudest bike or who has the loudest headphones??

  5. it's a competition to see who has the loudest subbies (also known as dB drags)

    and dont knock it until you've tried it - the feeling is unbelievable
  6. As Androo said, dB drag racing is a competition about creating the greatest pressure variation in the smallest amount of space possible.
    For some it means big wagons with LOTS (as in more than 8) 12 or 15" subwoofers (sick moite sick :roll:) Linkage to insane doofage , for others it means cramming as many subs into the back of the smallest hatch back (ie. Excel).

    Either way, they measure it with an SPL meter and the biggest 'doof' wins. ;) Back when i was into this sort of thing, i'd go along to the AutoSalon's and watch the doofers do there thing.

    Don't expect any interesting conversation (or any!), but your bound to enjoy some of the insanity that comes along with what appears to be an audio based phallic-measuring competition.
  7. Take your earplugs
    oh, forget it, you can't hear me......
  8. Im like your wife hornet . It's not that i cant hear you its just im selective with what you say :wink: :p .
    Interesting concept , but justing figuring out how they are tying this in with a ride . What riders really care how load some-ones doff doof is . Guess i'll soon see , kick off is at 10 .
  9. A nice big subbie on a bike??? Foolly sick, moite!
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I can just picture them now.
  11. How long before we see a Gold Wing with a big set of woofers and a big subbie????
    Fully sick, moite
  12. Went for the Decibal racing ride to day and finally i know what it's all about . A decibal racing ride is ...

    Ready for it ....

    You sure ..

    Its nothing at all . Just what they called the bloody ride . Oh i have a headache . :roll: ](*,) ](*,)
  13. thats what happens when you ride with old farts midnight
  14. :LOL: :LOL:
    Why am i laughing , i am one :( :(
  15. One of your AFL players years ago said..
    The way to stay young is to hang around with young people
    The way to feel OLD is to try and keep up with them!!
  16. I used to DB drag my Mitsubishi Mirage back when i was in Perth.
    I won a trophy for the 0-160 class (1x 12" subwoofer with 600 watts RMS) and i scored 145.9db.
    This is louder than a jet plane i've been told.
    Got most of the gear in my WRX now......
    Before you ask.....
    (Chappell Street laps)
    Over that now......
  17. What's your insurance premium (22 year old, WRX)???
    WHAT'S more FUN, the Hornet or the WRX (Carefully crafted loaded question here!)
  18. I was at Penrith Plaza last night and the doof doof was going off. Moite. :LOL:
    Did anyone see me?