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Please explain: Power Commander

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. I understand the general idea of it.

    Its a chip that changes fule mixture and revs and shit.

    But how easy is it to install?
    Is it customizable?
    How much of a difference does it make?
    Does it replace the ECU or w/e?
    Just your thoughts and ideas about it please!
  2. A PC connects to the ECU/M on your bike. It overrides your ECU or alters is probably a better word.
    They are getting better and more advanced. The new PC5 is great. They have even more tuning capabilities. Things like AFR's, timing and rev limits. Even down to individual cylinders and injectors.
    If you fit an aftermarket can to your bike they are a must to really gain any performance.
    They are not something for the novice or even amateur to play with. Your best gains from one will be to run the bike on a dyno.
  3. 1. Thanks for replying bretto!
    2. noob question - whats a can?
    3. Kawsaki sharp tune in dandenong is good for dyno?
    4. when you get the dyno done i imagine that you get the power commander with it?
    5. what do they do when you ask for a dyno?

    (sorry for being a noob about performance modding)
  4. A can is an exhaust muffler, because it looks like an oversized aluminium soft-drink can.
  5. 2. noob question - whats a can?
    A. An aftermarket muffler.

    3. Kawsaki sharp tune in dandenong is good for dyno?
    A. They are if they have one. A Dyno.

    4. when you get the Dyno done i imagine that you get the power commander with it?
    A. Your average sports bikes ECU is not adjustable. So for maximum gains you need a computer on your bike that is. That's where the Power Commander comes into play. It plugs into your existing ECU and makes it adjustable. They are not cheap. Nor is a Dyno session. And you will need a Power Commander for the Dyno.
    The Power Commander will be preprogrammed with a map for your bike with aftermarket mufflers. They are good and work better than the bikes standard mapping. But far from perfect for your bike.

    5. what do they do when you ask for a dyno?
    A. A dyno measures torque and HP. And how this is achieved with your motor. This allows the techy to see the highs and lows of both in your rev range. And make adjustments to the air and fuel ratios to get either the smoothest power delivery or the most power delivery.

    This is big money for not really much gain. For your average bike a PC is good and I think a must if you start to Mod your bike.
    A dyno run is good if you have to have it 100% perfect and you have cash to burn. Or you must shave another 100 thou off your lap time.
  6. 2 places in SE melbourne for dyno/PC work...

    Phil Taiton...stud road Knoxfield
    Dynoverks...Wadhurst Drv Boronia.
  7. If you've still got your 250, this is a complete waste of time and money.

    I'd only bother doing this on a track (i.e. race) bike, or a road bike that that has been strangled by a restrictive exhaust (and perhaps intake) system and has significant potential power gains to offset the cost (cough FZ1 cough).

    An aftermarket muffler, power commander and dyno tune would cost more than a grand, and people can spend several grand on a complete race system.
  8. ha ha would never do it too a proddy (250)
    Just a rough example.
    New can = $800 or full titanium exhaust = $2,000
    Pwr Comm = $600
    Dyno = $600+
    Possible gains in power 20%
  9. Inifinite tunability. I'm a big fan of PCs.

    That said, my heart belongs to the the mighty keihin FCR.

  10. Don't waste your money.

    It's purpose is to better utilise the horsepower your bike has.
    Most people want it to make their bikes go faster.
    Do you want to go faster?
    Spend your money on lessons.

    Pipes, powercommanders, and racing mirrors are for most people a wank.

    Spend your money in this order to get the best out of your buck;
    More lessons

    Learn how to ride and leave the wankers in your dust
  11. Cant agree more with Chef.
    Every cent you throw at a bike is gone at sale time. Original is worth more.
    Every cent you spend on you lasts a lifetime.
  12. I personally would have put using good quality tyres above buying aftermarket suspension, but otherwise I agree wholeheartedly. It's even more noticable on bikes than in cars - a great rider on a crap bike will absolutely trump a crap rider on any bike you can care to name (except perhaps in a straight line of course).
  13. Yep, I understand why to.

    Although I'm not saying use crap tyres, but i do get a laugh out of how many riders have 'top of the range' race bred tyres that they wear the middle out of.

    Considering the tyres have to make up any short fall of the suspension when a rider is pushing it, I believe that comes first.

    Add to that the confidence and stability good suspension provides, and even hack riders feel ready to step up. Tyres may give a short term boost, but taper away quickly over their life cycle. Worn tyres and crappy feedback through the suspension is a bad recipe...
  14. The newer PC's support WB02, so this should mean zero dyno tuning as the PC is always tuning the bike in real time.
  15. I'd say you're right if you're talking about a hit and miss rider on a low powered bike. But I like to get a bike and make it faster while toning down the race look, if you get my meaning. Can't help it, have to make the bastard faster, leaner, quicker, all that. Doesn't matter how good it is stock, there's always a hot cam kit and a lighter crankshaft that'll make it just that bit scarier.
  16. spending money on your suspension doesn't necessarily mean replacing it with ohlins or some aftermarket ones. Getting it tuned/rebuilt/valved/springed etc for your weight/riding style will make the most difference.
  17. Oh I get ya mate, yes indeedy. Mental bikes are mental bikes

    But they're useless if you can't ride them. Question is, how many riders really need more horsepower if the can't use the ones they've got?
  18. while true, OP is a new born baby rider, and rides a 250 cruiser. Hence, chef is 100% on the money
  19. Every rider needs a hellion, this is not negotiable. If 'twere up to me L platers would be given a banshee'd RG500 with hardtail conversion and sent to Newcastle. Those that arrived within the specified time would be given a license, the rest buried respectfully.

    Pretty sure old mate is taking the piss though. PC for a VL250? Yeah right.
  20. Or not, depending on certain criteria.

    Nah, pretty sure it's just a general inquiry as he brings himself up to speed with the lingo.

    Otherwise there will be NO respectful burial, he'll be hung from the gates.