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Please explain how this suspension works?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by aldrich_87, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Hello..

    Friend of mine commented that my suspension at the front is very soft...
    The settings at the top say Damper adjust and

    what do these settings do?

  2. If it has a little clicky thing, or location for a flat head screwdriver, adjust it both ways and see how it effects the ride quality. I know i bumped my Hyo front forks to the maximum damper setting because it found it a bit soft over some bumps. firms it up a little bit, but will still be the same gear.

    Just a question, your not the fella on the matt black zx2r that came for a ride last thursday are ya ;) ?
  3. yeah bro I am haha

    you must be the black hyo 650gt with the FAT exhaust.
  4. #4 cejay, Nov 29, 2009
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  5. ROFL! yep thats me, did you get home before that rain hit? the other 2 guys and me were around Burwood when it came down.

    edit: gotta have the fat exhaust so you cant hear the valvetrain rattling away... though its funny when people ask you if you have a dry clutch setup :$
  6. It's normally the clutch basket not the valve train on a hyo...
  7. Theres no magical way of making your bike handle well just by increasing the preload. Read up on setting your sags correct for your weight. I dont know if your bike has compression or rebound damping but before you start playing with that, set the sags properly via preload adjustments. If in doubt about the compression/rebound values, set them back to factory settings as should be detailed in the bike manual - as a starting point.
  8. then do one click at time. See how that feels, improved or worse? Then go 2 clicks in the opposite direction (so one past the original setting). Better or worse? That should give you a direction to go with. Try one more click, see how it feels, keep working it that way.