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Please Do Not Park Here..It Does Not Look Good!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Lazy Libran, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. So..I'm working at one of our office sites (Pinewood Shopping Center in Mt Waverley) this week and probably for the next few weeks as well. Not every day but on/off and maybe half-a-day here and there.

    This week, I've been parking on the footpath (it's pretty wide) closer to the street leaving ample room for pedestrian to walk past. It's away from the closest shop entrance and all in all, legally parked.

    Today when I'm about to leave, the shop owner comes out and says "Excuse me do not park here. You're not allowed to park here. You need a permit to park here". I switch off the bike and say "I can park here because it is legal to park on footpaths in Victoria and I'm parked in a safe spot as there is room for pedestrian to walk past. There is absolutely no obstruction due to my bike"

    He says "Dont bullshit me, I called up the council and they say that a permit is required to park on the footpaths. Even I've to get a permit for my shop sign to be placed on the footpath".

    I then proceed to ask if he has been in Melbourne CBD and if he has ever seen bikes parked on the footpath to which his answer was no, he doesnt remember.

    And then before I could say anything, he blurts out "The bike does not look good here. My customers have asked me about the bike and it does not look good parked here".

    Ahh..SO that's the story. The truth finally comes out.

    To cut the story short, I might print a page and show him, the next time I'm there. And yes, the bikie image is not good. :D

    My bike was parked next to the first signpost you see and as close to the little side street as possible. Google Maps link below. What a funny bugger!

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  2. should have told him to bugger off....

    Give him the parking rules and make sure he does not mess with your bike
  3. ...so when are you working there next? We should all one day just park out the front for shits and giggles.
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  4. Get a cover for it thats printed with some sort of rude comments, but not too rude to get you in legal trouble of course :p.
  5. One bike per carpark ;)
    See how their customers like having to walk.
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  6. +1 some of the 'bikies' on here are like old ladies. "I am allowed to park here, so **** you and everything that affects you, cos i am allowed by law"

    "some lady merged into my lane so i blasted her with swear words"

    on and on and on it goes.

  7. Pfft... hairdresser eh ? He probably wouldn't say anything if you were riding a scooter :)
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  8. Just realised it is up the road from where I work...
  9. You don't need to tell him to remember bikes on the footpath in the CBD, tell him to walk up to the corner and look at the footpath just up from the brown brick building - that where all the bikes park at pinewood.
  10. :) we were just having a polite discussion. No anger from any side.

    I just had a chuckle as I rode off rumbling ma cruiser.
  11. His issue is clearly that the bike doesn't look good all on it's own, it definitely needs some friends. (y)
  12. If a shop owner asked me nicely not park in front of their shop, whether their reason was stupid or not, I'd probably be OK with it as long as were are other places nearby. But this guy's attitude (taking to you like you're an idiot) rightly have elected a different response.

    "No, you stop bullshitting me..."
  13. Maybe he hates bikes because of the helmet law; all that styling and blow drying is just wasted!
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  14. Is there a reason to be a dick about it? Can you move the bike 20m up the path?
  15. Why was he a dick about it? He was in the process of leaving, guy said "don't park here it's illegal" - he says "no it's not actually, anyway I'm off".

    Where's the problem?
  16. :D no such thing, L. As said before we had a discussion not an argument or anything of that sort.

    Yes I can park the bike a bit further down but just wanted to point out the parking rules here in Vic.

    I'll be going there after lunch again and will park somewhere else.
  17. BUT why should the OP have to move it or park elsewhere?

    The OP is entitled to park it where they did.

    How does that make it like the OP is being a dick?
  18. It's the bike :bolt:
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  19. Hardly seems like LL was the one being a dick.
  20. And that alleyway isn't worse than any bike that may be parked on the footpath ?.