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~Please anyone abit of help?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MissElusive, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Being a short person (5"2) really puts me on the spot. Ive heard u can lower bikes but how low is low?!?!
    My mate is abt my height but he can ride an R6 and has no problem at all which does sorta make me feel a lil bit better..

    What can i do? Im all ears for suggestions!
  2. hey missE, emmsie is 5'3" and rides a VTR250, my GPX250 is quite low aswell. Red.Hot rides a GPX, she is rather short in stature.

    most bikes can be lowered to some degree.. sit on a few and find somthing comfortable.

    or go in the adelaide coffee thread, and ask in there.. bound to be a few of us avail at some stage for u to sit on a bike to see wat fits..

  3. also, if it worries you that much, quite often if the sits a bit overly cushy, you can get someone to cut a bit out, that way you're not muckin around with suspension etc when lowering a bike
  4. can i change anything else or is it just the fact of getting used to sitting on a bike?
  5. depending on the bike. can do a fair bit.

    lower suspension, different coils? get the seat altered, lower stance.

    im not sure of the full extent of things that can be done..
  6. well i know i want a CBR250. sat on one already seems ok. the seat abit wide for the butt though :?
  7. Oh the agony of having a small butt :roll:

    5'2" isn't so short. I am 5'3" and manage a ZZR250 no worries at all. I do have a fat ass though, so maybe that helps :grin:
  8. i've got a friend who's a shortie and handles a ZZR with great ease... she does pretty well on my VTR250 as well!... maybe try a spada?
  9. Good Choice with teh CBR250 :grin:
    I have riden both the CBR250R and the CBR250RR...I found that the single R was slightly lower than the RR...something to consider when looking around.
  10. my uncle is in the vertically challenge group, and he tells me thats why they put kerbs in :LOL: ......and if no kerb you just lean the bike till you reach the ground
  11. :LOL: thanx guys!! well.. just say in future i want an upgrage to something abit more bigger but still riderble for me. Any sugestions?

    and is it really that important to have two feet flat on the ground? i always see people on the balls of their feet so i guess its ok to be at a ..challenged height
  12. Like I said, 5'2" really isn't that short. At 5'3" I still easily have both feet flat on the ground on a ZZR, knees bent even. Unless you plan on buying a freakishly large/tall bike, it's not something you even need to worry about too much.
  13. Keep in mind the zzr has one of (if not the) lowest seating positions. Same goes for the zzr600 - so its not a great yardstick for bikes in general.
  14. Its probably my paranoia make me think im gonna drop it or something.. enough of that!

    sounds good though will concider havin a look at that too. its really just a bike i need to ride first year.. shouldnt be that hard!! :LOL:
  15. Well I learn something new every day, I didn't know that :) Does make me wonder what compelled my 6'1" partner to buy it in the first place though :wink:

    I've only sat on two other bikes, the one I did my Qride on (no-idea what that was, but it was taller than the ZZR) and I was still fine with that. I have also sat on (not ridden!) a KTM Superduke and I was definitely too short for that. Not surprising though me thinks?
  16. slide your ass off the seat so one foot is up in the air and the other placed firmly on the ground, its not going to be a real issue til you upgrade, by then you should be fairly comfortable on a bike to work it out for yourself
  17. preferrably left foot down first yea?
  18. Yes... just move your butt a little to the left, keep your right foot on the brake though.
  19. I do that scoot to the left as well, it does work

    If you don't, you can find that being on one tiptoe - stretched too far and for too long - your ankle gets the wobbles and threatens loudly to cave in on you. (Which is kind of uncool looking as well as very stressful.)
  20. dont really wanna picture myself getting the wobbles.. :shock: