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PLEASE, Advise and help NEEDED-bike stopped working!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dirtydannyd123, May 12, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone. I need some advise.

    I was riding to work this morning on my 87 Honda VT250F (Integra model). Everything was fine and there was nothing to alert me that something was wrong.
    All of a sudden the power went. The speedo was still at 70 (and falling) but the tacho was pointing to 0 as though the bike was off. I gave full throttle and nothing happened. The motor was still running but I think that was just because of the momentum of the bike as it was still in gear.
    I coasted to a stop on the medium strip of the road. Now, I looked at the chain. It's fine, tension etc. No oil leak. No funny smell. Seems fine.
    Turn the key to ON and nothing happens. Press the starter, nothing happens.
    :cry: What's wrong with my baby?
    Please ask me any more questions to help troubleshoot this problem.

    I'm not a happy camper at the moment :(

  2. Electrical, could be lots of things, but most likely a loose connector.

    When you turn on the ignition, do your lights/ horn etc. still work?
  3. Nothing happens at all when you turn the key? Do the dash lights come on? Headlight? My first guess would be electrics... fuse, battery, starter, 18yo wiring falling apart?

    My Advice: Pull the whole thing apart. Put it back together again. Usually works for me. :)
  4. When your ignition is switched to 'on' is your electrical system still functioning (headlights, indicators, etc)?

    Sounds initally like electrical death (taco reading zero when engine is still turning) So check your fuses first.

    When I had a similar sounding problem with the Spada (VT250L) it turned out that one of the battery connections had worked loose and didnt have the power to turn the engine over. In this case the headlights etc worked but when I hit the start switch there was no reaction other than a click from under the seat. It was an easy fix that had me swearing for a while until I figured it out.
  5. Actually could be electrical. When I turn the key to ON the oil light and Neutral light don't come on. Also the headlight wasn't on.......
  6. check your battery leads are secure
    check your fuses (if you have them)
  7. Check your fuses (there should be a main fuse for the battery).

    If not, check your main connector to the ignition. Give it a wiggle with the ignition turned on and see if anything happens.

    Main fuse blown or loose wire is your problem.
  8. Thanks guys. I'll take a walk back to it on my lunch break and check the fuses, battery connectors etc.
    It just shut off really quickly so I'm hoping it's just the MAIN fuse near the battery............ :wink:

    Your reply has been fantastic.
    Thanks again :D
  9. check your spark plug lead hasn't come off - this happened to my while I was riding along once... funny.
  10. Are you telling me that mighty Vtec typeR is down???????? :shock: Mate you just had a power failure by the looks of things. Nothing mayor, it happens, even to integras :LOL:

    Where do you work anyway? What area I mean.
  11. Had this happen a couple of times on a gsx250.

    wire fell off the back of the ignition switch barrel.

    Really stupid question. Did you accidently hit the kill switch?
  12. If he doesn't reply to this anymore, you will know that he did it!!! :LOL:
  13. When all else fails

    And, if al that fails, a bucket of petrol and a match will solve the problem!

    (Sorry, but I've been waiting ages to use that one)

    Seriously, sounds electrical, check connections etc (all of the above)

    Hope it gets going, dude.
  14. Except that it flies in the face of what dirtydannyd123 has described. Hitting the kill switch doesnt shut off your entire electrical system, just the engine.
  15. LOL!!! Nope, not the killswitch (already had that problem in my NOOB days)
    Work in Preston.

    Taking lunch at 1:00 so will print out the list of things it could be. Will update you after lunch :)
  16. What if he DID hit the kill switch and electrical spike blew out all the bulbs on his bike ????????? :D *Just being smartarse*
  17. Aaaargh, the kill switch!

    Please bear with me while I tell a torrid tale of kill switches.
    I had ridden from Canberra to Sydney via Wollongong for a bike race meeting (Honda 400F with small bikini fairing...note that fact, it will become important later)
    At the top of Macquarie Pass I hit a large pothole and highsided the bike in the ensuing tank slapper. Bike was rideable but screen on bikini fairing was smashed and various levers, etc, bent. I stopped at a mate's place in Wollongong and he straightened up the levers and got me going again.
    It was now late at night and I was in the final leg of the trip home, just on the outskirts of Collector (the highway passed through the town still)
    I hit another big pot hole just as I reached the 60k speed limit sign and the bike died. Hungry, cold (it was winter) and still upset about my previous "off" I was not thinking straight and struggled for some time to get the sucker started again.
    Nothing. So, in desparation I rang the wife who got my two baby children out of bed, made me a thermos of coffee and set out from Canberra on a rescue mission.
    Imagine my chagrin when, long after she would have left home and with no means of contacting her (before mobile phones), I discovered that the remaining part of the bikini fairing was wedged against the kill switch and had turned it off when I hit the bump!
    I've never lived it down!!!
  18. Haaa! That is classic. I was sure glad for mobile phones when I first had to learn how to push start a bike.
    I had rung her to complain that RACV wont jump start a bike with a flat battery.

    Later, luckily for me someone suggested I push start it.

    DOH! It took me a week to get over that.
  19. UPDATE:

    Well the problem was the main 30A fuse near the battery. I changed it and it blew straight away again :eek: so there must be a short curcuit somewhere.

    I'm a few mins away from Redwing Honda so I'll have to work out how to get it there

    It would be a really dumb idea to stick a piece of metal into the fuse to get it there but does anyone have any ideas how I can get it rideable? I just need to ride it for less than 5 mins down the road......
  20. Hold in the clutch and run like buggery... :LOL:

    (sorry, whilst pushing the bike, i meant to say)