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Please advice racing suit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dez, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Please advice 1 piece racing suite. I would like to buy Australian leather suit, but I don't know can i find something with high protection level like DAINESE.
  2. where are you?
    could start with
    mars leather, stagg leather, tiger angel, collins leather, walden miller, rivet leather, scorpion leather
  3. Thanks, i forgot to write that I am in Melbourne, so I updated my profile.

    Which do you think is the best for track?
  4. You would have to look at different suits to determine what u personally believe is the best.
    Heard good things about tiger angel.
  5. I can visit all stores, but I don't know which brend has the best protection. I have IXS for city, but for track I need something more strong. The question is compicated for me because is oriented more for for track racing. I didn't have any information about which is the best from AU brands.
  6. Collins has a good reputation with racers and they often have special offer prices.

    Aussie made, great quality and excellent customer service/backup.

  7. Why are you limiting yourself to just Australian brands?
  8. Cammo - thank you!!!

    nightgash - no no no, I am not limiting. I like Alpinstars, I think that local brands will be cheaper but have the same quality. But generally if I can't find anything I will buy european or USA one.
  9. tiger angel is pretty good, quality is up there, but price is too farken.
    you really have to get out there and feel them with your hands farken, because the leather is protecting your skin, so you should be making the choice

  10. What about M2R racing suits they are cheap? Also Rjays make cheap racing suits. For a bit more pricey but very good quality look at the IXON Galatica racing suit its around $1199 I think.
  11. I found Gimoto.com.au in motorcycle store. They told me that it has very good protection. Is it true or not? Anybody use it?
  12. Check out ebay item No. 130130303615

    Typical of some Collin's prices. This and Tiger Angel brand would be the premium Aus race suits in my opinion.

    I've also used Peel's, which are great, but I think they've shut down.
  13. EDIT: Haha whoops holy thread dig Batman! Please ignore, didn't see dates.
  14. i can vouch for the service offered by collins leather. i sent my enquiry on saturday night and i got my reply on late sunday morning. can't comment on after sales service as there was no sale committed, but heard good words about them

    holy cow, time machine hax!