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Please add another Melbournian to your lists! :P

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VazRider, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I recently got my Learners! I've dreamed of riding a motorbike for as long as I can remember, and hopefully would get to obtain/share some advice from more experienced riders or similarly green riders such as myself on this site.

    Looking forward to browse.

    Cheers from Melbourne,

  2. Vaz, welcome, get to sat morn prac sessions , if you know the BP servo on beach rd Elwood, right next tot eh st kilda marina, well car park behind that servo, starts 10am sat mornings, all welcome, also there is a chocolate ride for sunday, but might be too much for a beginner!!
  3. You gotta luv when dreams come true! (y)

    Welcome to NR! Enjoy your stay.
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  4. Would love to drop in for the prac sessions, but, need a bike first!
    Currently in the process of getting a bike (most probs Ninja 300 SE ABS. Orange and black? how can I say no to that?)

    Want to get some opinions on riding gear though, hopefully i come across some threads here.
    Thanks for the welcome guys :)
  5. Welcome :) may see you at Saturday practice. Lots of people to meet there.
  6. Welcome to netrider :)
  7. Welcome

    Not necessarily, you can go down and talk to other riders about what they ride, perhaps sit on a few and see how they feel.etc. Sit on bikes that is, not riders, although what consenting riders get up to is none of my business. :)
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  8. Congrats!! and see dreams do come true.
    I had my 5th ride today..it was awesome! Love it!
    Good luck on the bike shopping :)
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  9. Welcome. Great info and people here.
  10. Welcome mate, enjoy,
  11. Thanks red :) happy riding!
  12. Welcome Vaz
    Sat morn prac sessions a must if you can. I've just started out and there is a wealth of information there on all things riding. Lots of fun too!