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Pleasantly torn and needing help...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Paige, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. After much galavanting around the countryside looking at DR650's today I found myself a little underwhelmed. And then I saw her....2006 DRZ400....black, beautiful, and with 1200k's on her. Thing is I'm stepping down from a 1500 Mean Streak and my concern is that a 400 just isn't going to cut it. So tell me this, oh wise ones....when I'm commuting on this thing two up and wanting to do 120, will I be wringing the hell out of it? Also does anyone have 2 cents worth on the asking price- 7k with not a mark on it...and no rego.

    many many thanks
  2. 2-up @ 120 on 400??? That's awful maths :(.
  3. These are fantastic bikes turned into motards, but I agree with Paul as far as your questions go.

    Plus the seat is bl@@dy hard too.
  4. Okay...I'm not planning on lots of 2 up, but I do live 30k's from town and want to be able to cruise a little at speed. I keep reading reviews where speed hasn't been an issue...but I'm still unconvinced. Do you think I'd be better off on a stock 650?
  5. You'll pick up a good used tourer for $7k Why the need for a dirt type bike?
  6. Because I've got a few k's of dirt road on the way home, a driveway like the side of a mountain, and 90 acres I want to carve some tracks into...so I think the dirt capability would be handy.....and fun :grin:
  7. With the standard sprocket they're revving for 120. With a smaller rear sprocket you'd want a couple of basic mods to keep her lively. They're an ok twisties and town bike, but I think what you REALLY want to have a ride on is a KTM640 or 625SMC. Same reliable sort of beast, but much better for pretty much everything.

    7k is ok, but not a super deal. You'd find another one with a few essential things done to it for the same money. Exhaust and carby are the first to go.
  8. Thanks for that devo. I heard that the vibrations on the KTM were enough to reroute every artery in yer body.... I just read a really good comparison on the 400 and 650 ( http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...s-up-her-29811 )
    which has left me erring toward the bigger bike, and I can get it brand new for less....
  9. I've seen Drz400SM (motard versions) new on ebay for $7999 buy it now. Not sure if it was drive away. But yea they are a good bike. Engines commonly last at least 20,000 miles (~32 000Km) in the old language (before rebulid of top end).

    Edit: seems like 30000 miles is the common and there still going strong.

    Like said above you could always drop the rear sproket size. Stock gearing will get you about a 105-10km/h crusing speed. Say about a 38 from the stock 41 (i think it is). That should get you close to the sweat point of the rpm range doing >120km/h.

    Anyway just go an have a search on Thumpertalk for "drz 400 cruising gearing". Thats where i got all that from.
  10. As the yanks use ter say:

    "They's noh sarbstertoot far coobick earnches," huh??

    I have pushed the VTR250 2 up at 120. It needs work in the hills, but you can do it.


    Trevor G
  11. Mate everyone I know who's bought a DR650 has loved it.
  12. They are a good thing,Loz. Thats why. We all need one.
  13. DR650?

    Great bikes... ride one and you'll love them (ok as long as you're not a hard core enduro rider).

    Look at them and you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.
  14. Thanks guys. I'm pretty resolved to go the 650. It may not be the sexiest bike on the road, but I think it'll serve my main purposes really well and give me a bit of off tar joy as well. And for 7,5 brand new, you can't really complain, can you?

    stay well.