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Plea for help - dead battery.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Christine, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    A little while ago I was unfortunate enough to be clipped by a car and went down in the wet.

    With the tragic passing of my beloved pup my bike sat for some time before I started work on her. After numerous emails back and forth, some wonderful advice and help from amazingly generous people, and much tinkering we finally thought I had the bike up and ready to go, only to find that the battery had died! :(

    We had a go at jump starting her by pushing her up and down a hill and she gave it a good go but failed to turn over.

    I am wondering if anyone living/working in the Kew area with a bike and some jump leads, might be kind enough to drop by for a few minutes at their convenience to jump start me and help me get my girl back on the road?

    I couldn't tell you how very grateful I would be!

    Many thanks in anticipation,
  2. Re: Plea for help

    Ope you get sorted Chris!

    Geeze guys, a chic in trouble and not a peep?

    If ever this was a good reason to dump this thread in General it's this!

    Carn, ya buggers!
  3. Re: Plea for help

    Christine, if the battery is dead, it's unfortunately dead. It's most likely a sealed battery and once the low maintenance sealed types go flat, they don't come back. Sorry.
  4. Re: Plea for help

    failing all else just pick up a $30 trickle charger and leave it on charge for a day or so?

    but as rob has said - if the battery is rooted...it's rooted.
  5. Re: Plea for help

    A trickle charger would have been helpful in stopping it going dead while laid up but will be useless now. When it's dead, it's dead. A jump start might get it going but you'll never get enough charge into it to start on it's own steam.

    Battery world stock bike batteries for very fair prices or grab one from a local dealer and chuck it in. Batteries are not expensive and your bike should fire up no worries with a newie.

    Once you have bought your new battery, you might want to think about a trickle charger to keep attached to the bike if your bike is likely to sit still again in the future. :)
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  6. Re: Plea for help

    Well we don't know if it's dead-dead or just empty do we? Although I suppose if push starting doesn't work it's dead-dead...
  7. Re: Plea for help

    I don't think it's dead-dead...the light still comes on. Altho it was rapidly fading... :(
  8. Re: Plea for help

    just curious - what gear where you trying to push start it in?
  9. Re: Plea for help

    a slight hill and our foot power :)
  10. Re: Plea for help

    Hey Christine, I know nothing about mechanical stuff but I do know (from experience) that once batteries are dead, you might get a short term Lazarus but you'll just end up stuck somewhere and trying to push/roll start it - probably on your own on the flattest road you've ever seen.

    I'd just chuck a new battery in it and be done with it. Piece of mind then. Cheers.
  11. Re: Plea for help

    oh really :( bugger!!
  12. Re: Plea for help


    For what a battery costs, you REALLY don't want to be stuck somewhere, especially on your own.
  13. Re: Plea for help

    Yeah i have to agree with the masses here.. battery is probably past its use by date.. However.. i have jumper leads and a bike and a car from which to jump it from.. i can also assist with battery removal and replacement.. (if you need it) so PM me if you still want to try the jump method and or replace it. im just down in chadstone so not that far in the scheme of things.
  14. Re: Plea for help

    How nice are you Portagrug (y)

    There you go Christine, a fix that covers all bases.
  15. Re: Plea for help

    no what he mean was what gear you where trying in like 1st , 2nd, 3rd

    my 2c if it does not start when being pushed started there something wrong other then a dead battery
  16. Re: Plea for help

    Yes, I feel so very lucky! :)

    One of the things that excited me about getting a bike was the sense of community that seemed to come with it. You guys are amazing.

    Thank you
  17. Re: Plea for help

    I have also thought this Rat Man.. which is why i plan on doing the jumpstart test before doing the buy the new battery without needing to "test".
  18. Re: Plea for help

    So that'd be two visits to Christines then... one for the jump start... one to fit the new battery... :-k
  19. +1 time for a new battery.
    No good playing with it if its a sealed unit , I tryed this and stuffed up the pipes on the trx

    You don`t want to get stuck out somewhere with no phones and no reception,
    Done all of the above trying to be cheap.

    The old battery may be good for emergency Ipod charger ,that`s what mine does ,it wont start a bike but it will charge about 1000 iPhones
  20. I jumped my old boys k1200rs after it went flat (had an earth leakage so was thoroughly flat!). Let it idle still hooked to the other battery for ~5min and it built up enough charge to run smoothly on its own.
    Rode the long way to a bike shop to let it charge, having planned to bring the battery home to the tools. About 50km run.
    Ended up borrowing the bike shops tools to swap the battery as it wouldnt do more than click the starter, well and truly dead.

    If you have some semblance of life left in the battery, you *MAY* be able to bring it back to life with a good quality charger with a recondition/desulphate mode, but for the time being you are far better off buying another battery for all the reasons listed above.