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Playstation3 : GTA IV !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by siwanut, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Who's getting it?
    who doesnt have a ps3 but wants one bcoz of the game?
    have u played the game before?
    What do you like/hate about the game?

    me yeah i dont have a playstation 3 but im lookin forward to grab one jus for that particular game :p
    i've played all of the GTA and man i've loved every single GTA they've delivered out of the line.
  2. I f*cken love GTA games. I'll wait for it on PC though, console FPS/TPS gaming sucks.
  3. i got a laptop so i cant get it on pc , im gon assume it wont run as smooth but i can play moto GP 07 fine tho .. but if you wanna burn a copy once you get it :LOL: hehe
  4. I actually bought a PS3 to play this game alone. :oops:

    I think it'll be worth it.

    Waiting for this weekend!
  5. i love my PS3, but I personally bought it for Grand Tourismo 5 :)

    oh and singstar.
  6. dont the game comes on 29/4/08?
  7. That's what I used to think too. But getting sick of constantly having to spend significant $$$ upgrade my PC to be able to run them, I got the Xbox360. Given the entire unit costs about the same as a decent graphics card and everything just runs on it at highest frame rate and detail, it made more sense. I initially found playing FPS games on it a little cumbersome, but quickly got the hang of it and now actually prefer it to on a PC.

    The only thing I haven't found a console to be able to beat a PC for is for flight sims. Any flight game I've tried has been way too "arcadey"
  8. No, I'll just get for the 360. I don't need to waste my money on a PS3.
  9. yeah thats what im stuck with deciding which console i should purchase, ps3 .. metal gear solid, GTA IV .. and maybe other First Person Shooting games ..
  10. Out of interest, why is the PS3 a waste of money?

    I'm loving it at the moment... but I'm pretty new to the console thing. The Xbox looked alright, but a few things bothered me with it, so I went with the PS3. A mate of mine has had nothing but problems with his Xbox too. Oh well.

    I'm looking forward to GT as well. But moreso Tourist Trophy!

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. Buy a PS3. Blu Ray DVD player built in, most of the new games are on Blu Ray disk now too, and they work beautifully. better games, better graphics, HDMI output as standard, full 1080p resolution, upscales normal dvd's, and unlike the 360 online play is FREE.

    the 360 suffers from the red ring of death/doom.
    and it sux.
  12. :roll:

    OK many PS3 games are also on the 360, so I'm not sure where you are getting "better games and better graphics" from. Check your PS3 games, most are actually in 720, not native 1080p, low end PS3 doesn't come with HDMI, 360 has more games available for it, and despite Xbox Live costing for gold membership, Xbox Live kicks arse :p

    And the red ring of death is greatly overhyped. Certainly never had any issue on mine. You can see lots of people with PS3 problems as well if you care to check :grin:

    And it sux? :LOL: spoken like a true PS3 evangelist :grin: Each to their own. The Xbox 360 IMO had better features for the price, and whilst the fact that the PS3 comes with Blu ray as standard, unless you're an early technology adopter, its not such a huge draw card for me. I own no Blu Ray DVD's at this point and the range out there doesn't convince me to invest just yet.
  13. I'm just waiting for the PS3 to do what the PS2 did - drop drastically in price overnight without any prior warning. At the moment I just like the fact all the PS2 games people paid 100 plus for a while ago I can now buy for 10-20 :grin:. Even with consoles you're paying a hell of a premium to keep up with the latest.
  14. um - all PS3's come with HDMI standard
    I have the 40 gig one - and it has HDMI

    Blu Ray has beaten HD DVD as the new HD technology - toshiba made an announcement recently conceding defeat & saying they're going to stop making Blu Ray players. And microsoft are now looking at selling xboxes with Blu Ray instead of HD DVD

    And yes I'm a sony evangilist!
  15. First off, I have both a PS3 and 360...

    There is little to no difference in the graphics department. Check out http://www.gametrailers.com/player/32157.html for a side by side comparison...

    Blu-ray is nice but at $40-$50 each and only a subset of the region 1 titles they can go f*ck them selves... :)

    HDMI is bitter sweet. The only reason you need it (component can do 1080p) is that they have included copy protection in the new media formats that prevents it being shown at full resolution unless both devices support HDCP (which requires HDMI). So, the benefits of HDMI for consumers (it's a digital signal and it requires less cables) has been over-shadowed by the benefits to the content owners (no more region free movies for us).

    Also, in my opinion the Live service (which costs you an extra $70 a year) on the 360 is worth it. It's a much better experience than the online stuff on the PS3.

    On the flip side, the PS3 menu system is super sexy and their exclusive titles (Grand Tourismo, Jack and Daxter, etc) are usually better than the 360 exclusive games... :)

    EDIT: oh, and yay for GTA :)
  16. 90% of blu ray movies are region free.
    I buy all mine on e-bay for around $30 each - much better that way!
  17. Ok I stand corrected :LOL: I seemed to recall initial press releases stating the cut down PS3 wouldn't have HDMI, but obviously I was wrong. Shame they don't bother supplying a cable though!

    Umm yeah but thats got nothing to do with what I said. There is a substantial lack of Blu Ray titles available yet, so Blu Ray is of little interest to me. And FWIW Microsoft never sold Xboxes with HD-DVD - this was an add on external drive you could purchase. The on board DVD drive is just plain old DVD. I'd never consider watching a DVD through my Xbox though, its too bloody noisy.

    Nor would I buy a games console for the purposes of watching DVD's anyway - far better off with a dedicated player. When the number of available titles increase, and prices drop, I'll pick up a decent Blu Ray DVD player, but until then, my DVD collection plays perfectly well on my DVD player :LOL:

    No, really? :roll: :LOL:

    Go play the same game on Xbox and PS3 and tell me either is better than the other.

    When I purchased my Xbox there were hardly any games out for the PS3, and a large number of titles for the Xbox, so my choice was easy. As to whether you purchase a PS3 these days over an Xbox, the choice comes down largely to whether games that interest you have been released for one platform in preference to the other, whether you want built in Blu Ray, and how much you are prepared to pay. Gameplay/graphics quality is indistinguishable, both platforms are available with HDMI now, and both offer a whole lot of fun. The real choice comes when you want to consider the completely different style of gameplay offered in the Wii over the other two platforms.

    Oh and the RROD was an issue for some earlier models of the Xbox, not really an issue you need to worry about these days.
  18. It's probably closer to 60% at the moment (http://bluray.liesinc.net/), HD-DVD was closer to 90%. But yeah, I was basing my statement on the collection available at JB Hi-Fi...

    Do you use a specific e-bay shop for your purchases? I've found http://www.hdmoviesource.com/ to be the best online store. He's competitively priced and includes a section for international buyers on regioning for each movie...

    Edit: Just noticed he now has a section called "BLU-RAY'S THAT PLAY IN EUROPE" which is handy (Australia is in the same region as Europe)...
  19. That's the other thing that's great about the PS3. Most of the time it's basically silent, I only occasionally notice a slight whirring noise. My 360 sounds like a fighter jet when I'm playing a game...

    Also, I prefer the size of the 360 controller over the PS3 controller.
  20. it comes down to personal taste.
    I started on a sega mega drive, and the original playstation controller was very similar.
    fits nicely in my girly hands.

    I never liked the x-box controller, felt too big & weird.

    I know people who have xboxes who love them to death

    but my family is a sony family, and since my brother, brother in law, and other family members have a ps3, that was the best choice for me cause it meant I could play online against friends & borrow games from family members.

    Also - GT5 :)

    and singstar.