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Playstation network - who's on it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. just wondering who's on the PS network?
    my name is edgelett01

  2. Oh you've got a playstation do you?

    And GTAIV?

    I might have to visit for three months or so.
  3. I'm on it. Under

  4. Yep im on it, username is SONVD

    I have GTA 4 and Call of Duty 4 if anyone is ever up for a game :)
  5. I'll add you tonight!

    Edgelett - Have put a request in.
  6. not YET, should be getting it in a couple of weeks though.

    dougz - cool, tony was on playing warhawk all night last night so I'll add you tonight :)

    anyone else download Metal Gear Online Beta? it's pretty hardcore!
  7. Damn you all and your overpriced gaming consoles :blackeye: :p
  8. YEP my id is wockstar
  9. My Id is SpankyMK

    You'll find me over on the Gran turismo 5 Network.
  10. dougz - added you last night
    i'll add the others tonight lol

    sorry for the delay, the BF has been playing Metal Gear Solid Online Beta non stop for 3 days.

    oh and you can find me in Guitar Hero, Sing Star soon to be GT- Prologue, and the other half plays Warhawk.
  11. I'm ahhh, Sillygit... :)

    GTAIV is sweet!

    EDIT: bunch of requests sent