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Playstation 3 Game Swaps thread - MELB

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. In light of the success of a few game swaps between Netriders recently, I thought I'd open a thread if anyone has any games they're interested in swapping either temporarily or for good. They're so damn expensive!

    Anyway, I'll start first.

    I have FIFA08 - willing to swap in Melbourne
  2. Im in Melbourne and have the following games:

    * Assasins Creed
    * Juiced 2
    * Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    * Fight Night
    * Heavenly Sword

    Doug - Uncharted is pretty cool, only thing is I keep running out of ammo.
  3. Hmm... Only had that problem a couple of times, I just made sure I picked up everything I could see and made each shot count
  4. :eek: What will the little company Sony do with all the lost revenue due to people not paying too much for games? You'll put them out of business. Wont somebody think of the children... :p
  5. Willing to swap kidney and/or lung for console with GTAIV.
  6. Hows about a liver Loz?

    I could do with a new one about now...