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Playing with the Bouncy bits.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FALCON-LORD, May 11, 2009.

  1. So… now I have a 600 with adjustments for the bouncy Bits, damping preload, rebound blah blah blah…
    And I probably will go see a guru at some point, and get them to pillage my wallet for the privilege of telling me how I should set up my bike…
    But, not yet.
    At the moment I have some $hit awful treads on the bike as the previous owner obviously had an aversion to leaning over, but they will probably last me through winter.
    Any way if I want to start having a play with the bouncy bits where do I start?
    It can’t be black magic, as apparently at track days they sling you on some scales get out a tape measure, plug all the numbers into a computer and say voala there is your newly sprung toy.
    Has any one got some clues on what settings an 80kg 6foot tall bloke on a 2005 R6 should be starting with
    Or better yet where I could find one of these fancy programs to do all the playing?

  2. Just wind everything up to max...

    Makes wheelies easy :LOL:
  3. Jase I ran a suspension school (free of charge) at a shop that I use to work in, plus I ran another one at Wildwood road on Sunday (also no charge), thought you might have made it to one of them, I am going to run another one (also free of charge) in the next couple of weeks...... stay tuned :)
  4. To give you a head-start, go to www.racetech.com there is some interesting stuff there that will give you more questions to ask me, lol
  5. I was expecting something 'different' from the title of this thread.

  6. If you're trying to sort out handling on squared off tyres, you'll be chasing your tail for a while. If you really want to do it once properly, start with fresh rubber. That's not to say it's not worth doing anything at this stage, but you'll never tune out quirky cornering issues with stuffed rubber.
  7. Stuart in Gembrook would be able to look after you without reaming you. G used his services a few months ago and was mightily impressed.
  8. Thanks for the Links John, and dougz and Rob…
    I’ll have to do some reading.
    I’ll keep an ear to the ground for your next session John.
    Mac, Yep I understand that until I get decent rubber on it, I’ll be chasing my tail a little that is why I wanted an interim option until I get to the shoe shop.