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Playing up a bit..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Sorry never cuz I have balls.

  2. God would punish me if i did that!

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  3. Born to be wilt Bizitches!

  4. Daily

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  5. Weekly

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  6. Monthly

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  7. Annually (no it does not say anally)

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  8. I just wanna see the result.

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  1. How often do you give it a squirt and break the rules just for the thrill of it, u know Sh1t$s and giggles??

    I know other riders do it, I have seen quite a few more powerful bikes around here with one wheel in the air or fly past cars up near Sassafrass and Olinda over double lines around blind corners with seemingly no thought to their own safety or the law, And I live near a long deep dip (Boronia Rd, the stretch under the new tollway) and I hear bikes winding it out going super quick once a week or so while I'm very late at night while I'm reading in bed.

    I don't really care if people do it as long as they don't hurt anyone in the process or place people at HIGH risk, and I mean high risk not some bu11$4it "OMG A BLIND KID COULD OF APPEARED ON THE DESERTED ROAD YOU WERE SPEEDING ON WITH A THREE LEGGED KITTEN INFECTED WITH HIV!!!, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?, GO TO JAIL NOW!" that’s just lame, I mean real risk, like speeding in peak hour near a school when there are people with undeveloped brains who can't make heads or tails of the road or the dangers on it let alone read and right, Mums in mini vans I mean.

    I'd say about once a week (maybe 2 or 3 times) I give it a bit more then I should (which isn't too much on a 250) and weave up the cars that are slowly getting up to speed after taking off from the lights, Or I’ll over take someone and speed up to do so, then keep speeding up and over take a few more and lean more then I need to flicking the bike in to the next lane as quick as I can even though I'm around the slow poke holding everyone up, Almost every time I jump on the Eastern fwy off Springvale rd I wind it up as high as it will go before the merging lane gets to the bottom of the hill then slam the brakes on in case there's a cop passing.

    Obviously I realize its illegal and more dangerous then just waiting for people to get up to speed but I think a little squirt now and then brings you back down to earth (now I keep thinking about going for a squirt if you know what I mean :wink: ). I wouldn't do it if I thought there was a risk of hurting someone and I never do it if there are more then 3 or 4 cars around and I check them all for red and blue lights, last thing I want is a ticket, BUT! They can get me for not indicating, I do that even if it only takes half a second to change lanes, or even if nobody is around.

    Anyway, what do you do to break free? How often? where? and when?

    (Okay boys I've set the bait. Finish off your jam donuts and get your ticket writing books, Oh and don't forget to leave your commonsense and any empathy you have at the station, wouldn't want to risk anyone thinking were human..)

    Give up as little or as much as you like, and feel free to tell stories just to entertain. (that'll throw the fuzz off your back) :wink:

    Anyway, this could be my last almost 3 AM post, got to start getting out of bed before midday sooner or later. :grin: Sorry for Gramer and spooling misteakes.
  2. You say you only squirt it 2 to 3 times a week, get a bigger bike and this will be a daily occurrence
  3. daily :p

    but never in peak hour traffic, school zones or just places with heaps of cars
  4. I try my best not to speed anywhere, due to being on Ps and getting 1 fine will see my licence gone.
    But most days when heading home from work there is one street just near my house that I like to give a little bit of a go. But on a 250 it's not like i'm breaking any land speed records.
  5. Sorry to say this mate, but you will loose it eventually. As soon as you get a bigger bike, kiss it good bye.
  6. Speed limits are more of a gentle recommendation. Just like keeping an elephant in your pantry, restraining a sports bike to the mundane speeds of traffic is just cruel.
  7. THIS
  8. fark hell.... 250 in and around the burbs are like big bikes at race tracks, leaving every turn on wot, plus up and down through the box all mixed in with left then rights and a good old round about added in just for fun...big bikes are just as much fun, just the speeds are slightly quicker. Yep i reckon if i was to do it it would be daily for me though i do none of the above, 4 km over the posted limit will kill me so i have been informed, and i am a law abiding citizen and as such wouldn't engage in such dangerous activities :)
  9. I can just see the headlines now "Bikers admit to daily lawlessness".
    Its a bullsh!t poll that does nothing for our image mate.

    No comment from me and that should be your first poll option.
  10. How's the list coming along..?? What number are you trying to reach before you print it off, call "dob a hoon" or go to Vic police..??

    - Yes paranoia has served me well..!!! :LOL:
  11. :WStupid:
  12. Could you please also note the approximate time of day you do this? It'll help the cops reading the thread be there at the right time to catch you and not waste their time sitting waiting for you now that you've tipped them off. Cheers.
  13. i do not speed.
    it is illegal.
  14. I am a murderer and ******, but I don't speed.
  15. Do the police really troll and read these threads???
  16. lol, as if they'd teach the police how to use the internet!

    Obviously its only us civilians that are skilled enough to use it!
  17. You're kidding right? There are active police members who currently post here, and/or have posted in the past, let alone others that lurk and read.
  18. No I'm not kidding, I guess I'm silly to think that our boys in blue would be out there protecting and serving instead of sitting at their desks reading this forum wondering where to set up the next speed camera.
    And if there are police who post here as general riders I’d hope they leave their badges at the login screen.
  19. +1 hahahah
  20. Oh, so the popo didn't already know that bike riders occasionally give it a squeeze? Jeez, what a shock to them it will be! :roll:

    Every rider that has ever ridden has. Every driver, too (even if they didn't know it at the time). Every copper and every mum with kids in the back seat. How often and how much is the issue. But most of all, where you do it.

    Get that right and there's no problem for anyone. :wink: