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Plate go's up ,plate goes down, plate go's up, plate go's down

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by E2W, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Check this out that came in the shop this week. Why wipe off 5 when you could just fit one of these.


  2. Man I dont know how these guys can risk riding the bikes with no insurance on them at all! (The P plater with an R1 that is) ... but cool illegal gadget though, but its weird how tucks outwards and not under the tail :p
  3. you are allowed to ride and R1 on your p's if you have passed your restriction period in victoria.

    think dosent have full car licence. 12 month restrictions, 3 years p's

    How much pete?
  4. That's just irresponsible. I can't believe people think they can get away with that. I hope he gets caught and charged and locked up forever.

    (No-one's looking? That's f***ing awesome :grin:)
  5. cheers goz.
  6. I wouldn't dream of selling these. I imagine Victoria Police and/or Trading standards would be knocking on my door if I was stupid engough to start selling these. Looking at the rest of the bling on the bike I'd say it came from someone in the US of A.
  7. That made me LOL and is an original device. He will never cop any camera fines and will only have to look out for cops.
  8. I'm pretty sire the restriction on a bike is only 12 months so if you are a 3 years p you actually qualify for a large bike after 12 months.
  9. From memory its a $1500 fine if you get caught.
  10. So that means... If it gets you out of a minimum of 6, 'more than 15kmh, less than 25kmh' tickets, then it's paid for itself if you get caught.

  11. i think at high speed the p plate with the wind blowing over it at high speed will pull the plate back up

    i have seen better on ebay

    it was a licence plate cover, totally clear, press a button and it turned opaque, it was a transparent lcd screen, no moving parts and not obvious, not cheap either... if your that much of a nut that you think you need one though, might as well have a fake plate and run when chased..
  12. That one on the vid looked pretty discreet though. I wonder if a cop would notice it.
    From the video I cant say I would have noticed anything odd on that number plate when its up.
  13. That's awesome Pete, but if that were my bike in your shop I wouldn't want you to be posting that on the net without my express permission.
  14. lol

    R1. P plater. wouldn't expect anything less=D> probably isn't even fully insured.
  15. I reckon a cop having a good look might spot a missile switch on the bars and start wondering though. First thought would be nitrous (pretty sure that's not legal either) or something else suss.

    My first thought is that it's a bit of a wank, but hey, if he gets his jollies doing 150kmh down a straight bit of freeway, then good luck to him.

    I guess it's a free pass on Eastlink too.
  16. Last time I looked (several years ago, so it may be out of date) it was $5000 fine and/or up to 6 months imprisonment. It falls into the area of deliberately interfering in police business.
    (Er, that's for selling them.)
  17. I'm pretty sure that is just for having them installed as well Titus. The punishment for using such a device is in the area of "Oh shit, that ain't worth the risk! :eek: "
  18. sigh its not that much surely.

    people get $200 and 3 points for not displaying the plate or having it concealed. we've been done in the car (trailer had no plate) and a mate got done for concealing his bike plate same fine and points.

  19. errrrr P plate on a R1????????????????????????????, if i was you pete, i would of turned him away for bein a knob