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Plate Flippers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Hamamatsu, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. No, I am not talking about Chinese Acrobats.
    I am just saying I would never ever use one of these plate flippers on my bike as I am sure it is against the Geneva Convention or some such. No one could contem/plate denying speed cameras their just and noble revenue :

  2. How cool would it be if they could be voice activated with the words "O shit"
  3. Ah yes. Or you can run a wire from your plate to an old choke lever on your bars. Works a treat and costs nothing.
    Not that I have done it or would condone it pfffffhhht lol
  4. Just so you know, even having one of those devices fitted on your vehicle attracts a serious charge and penalty. Something along the lines of deliberately obscuring your number plate, or evading Police, or some such.

    Search around here and you will find the LCD versions discussed.

    But of course, you didn't find that device or bring it to everyone's attention here with any thought of actually acquiring let alone using one. Yeah, right.
  5. I remember seeing them advertised once (years ago) saying that their purpose was to easily be able to clean behind your plate.

    Apparently it helped to get rid of unwanted "Filth".
  6. The music suits the video for cleaning filth purposes.
  7. Use one of these and you will get hung.
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  8. I love how the add says its 100% legal to OWN it, but using it may not be.
  9. I have one on my R1. Police pulled me over and never noticed it, even after the grabbed my plate with their hand and adjusted the frame around it, because it was coming off. You see, the ghost industries one is the best in my opinion, or you can get one with indicator mounts. The reason to get that is because you have leads going down to the indicators, so the leads going to the top of the bracket ar not noticeable as it looks like indicator wires as it runs with them.

    Another moment I had been pulled over by a full on highway patrol car. You know theones with aerials everywhere out to collect as much revenue aspossible....anyway, when he pulled mover the plate was in hidden position by accident. He asked what was going on with it, I flipped it down and told him I was coming home from being on a stunt course. He wrote me up for it, I went to court and fought the charge.
    I said to the judge, that it was my bike that I use on a private stunt track and a private race track, I continued to say that every time I go to use it on a stunt track, I have to get off my bike, pull out the tools and remove the entire standard license plate and holder fro the bike. Then I said when I get on the bike to ride home I have to put it all together again and all too many times the license plate would fall off on the road as the screws nuts and bolts would come undone from the vibration of riding, and the sometimes I would find myself stuck not being able to ride home because when I took the tools and did it up with the tools to a tight position, the nut would break because I would over compensate on the tightening, to make sure I didn't lose another plate.
    I then continued to say that I found this tool online where I could have a mechanic install my plate with the correct torque ;) and that it was then done and I wouldn't have to mess around with it again because with this device when I got to the track, I could flip th license plate upwards for it to sit flat along the undertail, then before I get on the road I can flip it back down.
    I then said to the judge that it is legal to remove a license plate, obscure a plate and even cover a plate up when not on a public road and it is the drivers responsibility to make sure the plate is visible while on a public road or in a public place, there fore me adding a tool to make that easier for me can not be illegal as I am not hiding my plate, I am not using some spray or screen to make it unnoticeable by road cameras, I am simply adjusting it and then adjust it back before I get on the road.
    The last thing I said was that if I got on the road and had forgotten to flip it back down, then that is my responsibility and I should be penalized but I should not be having to waste the courts time with a charge saying I am breaking laws when the truth is I simply rode on to a public road and more or less forgot to screw my license plate back on my bike after working on it. I never on purpose tried to abuse or fool the law and I'm sorry this officer has wasted the courts time today.

    Case was dismissed. I now have the court documents of the case uploaded to my iPhone incase a cop ever tries to charge me again.
    You can be sure of one thing though, I looooooove my plate flipper! Saves a fortune, save thousands.........of er, um, whatcha call it, er um, saves a fortune in time ;) not having to keep removing my plates for my private stunt track.

    Btw, I still need to learn how to wheelie and R1. Can anyone help me there?
  10. hmm,
    wire it into the passing light (be honest when have you used it), stock looking.
  11. Wire it into the passing light.....that is brilliant!!
    Well, a friend of mine goes through the M2 tolls, lane cove tunnel tolls and harbour bridge tolls in morning and afternoon for three years every day and he has never paid a toll.