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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Mr Messy, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hey guys!
    Never used it before, anyone have any experience with plastidip? Good or bad?

    Not that I need repairs but sounds like an interesting product with a few interesting applications to us...
  2. Never heard of it.

    Is it one of those things you mail-order off the internet for casting replicas of your wang? :cautious:
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  3. http://www.plastidip.com/
    Aussie site isn't loading for me ATM.

    To me it seems a fantastic idea for electrics protection, if not for temporarily changing the colour of something lol.
  4. So, no one used this before? :( just wanna know if its as good as they say!
  5. It is. I have a mate that has used it on his bmw. Has done all the exterior plastics and badges, and the rims in the matte black. It looks fantastic, is almost impossible to stuff up the application, and he has had his on for 2 years or so now with no signs of letting go.
  6. Thanks mate! :D
  7. Bought a bunch to spray the rims on my car :) if I don't like it, I'll just peel it off
  8. The yanks have been obsessed with this stuff for a while. Tempted to try it out on my mags...
  9. For a set of 4 cans, and a sprayer handle, can't go wrong for $80 for a little experiment
  10. That's what I figure. Also I can just peel it off if I don't like it - and don't have to remove bearings etc to get it powdrcoated.
  11. Wanted to buy some at one point but couldn't find a store that stocked it. Where do you guys buy it?
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  12. Awesome site loads now lol. Shopping time.