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Plastidip the windscreen?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Nugdam, May 28, 2016.

  1. Im contimplating pulling the screen off my cbr and putting black plastidip on it. Im sick of looking at the clear screen. Has anyone done it? How did it come up?

    From a legal perspective is it illegal to black out the screen? I haven't actually read anywhere it is?

    My other alternative is a puig double bubble screen in a dark tint but apparently they're not the best fit.
  2. i used VHT Night Shades Tinting Spray paint on my cars rear lights and it works great. depends on how many coats to how dark you want it.
    VHT Aerosol Paint - Nite-Shades, Black, 283g - Supercheap Auto Australia

    could also try a Zero Gravity screen if you can get one for your model, they look pretty cool too...
    there are also the cheapy tinted screens from China too.
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  3. I was going to suggest the same. Tinting spray would be the solution I'd be leaning towards

    Plasti dip is tricky to apply to get a good finish. Would look balls if you muffed it up.
  4. Because the spray is applied to the inside and viewed from the outsite I have heard the spray on tint doesn't look the greatest. I was going to try plastidip as its removable, but also hear the finish is not that great.
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  5. if your any good at spray painting it should look good, my lights did anyway, might even give my clear screen a try and see how it goes...
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    I might have to give it a try, can the nightshade be removed without damage if need be?
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    Yep, that's the beauty of PlastiDip - just peels straight off

    Edit: left before OP edited previous comment to clarify he meant nightshade
  8. Except, when it doesn't. It's not easy to peel off, and leaves residue behind.
  9. That's no good. I've never had that problem.
  10. nope it's like a spray paint so no going back once applied, i'll see if i have enough left in my can to do my screen and if i do i'll let ya know how it goes...