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plasticy stuff on exhaust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by murchy, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Despite the fact that my cover has a section designed to resist exhaust heat, I usually wait until the bike has had a chance to cool down before covering it, but it was about to start raining when I got home today, and I really didn't want to put the cover on in the rain.

    As I was putting it on, I sort of dropped it, and the section not designed to take heat brushed against the exhaust - melting a bit and leaving a little coating of plastic melted onto the exhaust.

    I was able to get most of it off by hand, but there is still some there, and being a perfectionist - I will now notice it every time I look at my bike.

    My question is this - what would be the best way to clean it off?
  2. might take a couple of goes, try again later! i had melted 'womens heels' from a family friends boots a while back when i had the cruiser, she lost a heel and I freak out as my exhuast has this melted sludge on it, patience with it. Is your pipe stainless steel or chrome?
  3. Eucalyptus oil gets sticky residue off stuff, might work for exhausts?
  4. i am sure there is a thread on here about cleaning exhaust pipes
  5. It's not sticky anymore, basically thin plastic coating. Been able to peel off most, but not all.

    First search didn't turn up much specific advice, so I made this thread =]
  6. have you tried when exhaust is warm? just asking
  7. 1) WD 40! Works great
    2) Chrome polish (one of those that come on the cotton wool)

    Both take it off in a matter of seconds. Spotless (happens to me all the time)
  8. I noticed as the cover was going on, first thing I did was panic and frantically try to get it off for 20 mins :p

    Will do, thanks!
  9. see you tomorrow morning
  10. Indubitably.