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Plastic welding

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Ouchy, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. After an incident with a @#$%witt on a pushbike, my faring has some damage. The bike fell on it's side rather than sliding down the road so from what I can see, it's not so bad. A quote from a shop to replace all damaged parts was over 2 grand. They originally thought it was covered by insurance so I think they just tried to find anything that had even the smallest scratch on it to replace. I'm not sure how much damage there actually is right now. I'm yet to start pulling it all off to see what damage there is to the mounting points or whatever they're called. So what I'm asking is for any leads on good places to get things plastic welded, and what is/isn't possible to fix this way? And what sort of prices should I expect? Anywhere in Melbourne.


  2. Location?
  3. He already said. On the fairing :LOL:
  4. touche'
  5. Pretty much anywhere in Melbourne
  6. Can you not read up and repair yourself?..when u see how easy plastic welding is, you will start to think you can do it and how these guys charge you for the amount they do, is robbery!.
    there are heaps of help video on youtube..go check them out first before you decide...or if your near me..u can drop them off..ill do it, and only charge a grand!!!