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Plasti dipped my Striple

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Aug 12, 2013.

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    I hate seeing scratches on the shiny black paint yet I'm also too lazy to maintain it. So I thought I'd give it a final polish and coat it with Plasti Dip to protect the paint from scratches and weather damage.

    The factory colour is Jet black and I wanted to keep it as close as I can to it and sprayed it with Silver Metalizer. Three coats were applied to each fairing and tank.

    The result was amazing. However with my lack of spray painting experience I don't think I allowed sufficient time between each coat.

    After a ride wit the winter pants, it started to scrub at the groin area and thighs. The tail also got some scrubs from the boot. I wasn't expecting the contact area with the pants to hold up well due to constant rubbing but I didn't expect it to rub off this quick! Probably my noob skills are to blame.

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  2. Looks the goods! Shame about the the rubbing. I was thinking about this for the LC4. Is it easy to use? Do you need to do heaps of prep like primer, top coats, buffing etc or simply just spray on?
  3. Simply just spray on! My reason was to buff for the last time, or for the next 6 months at least.

    Supercheap recently started stocking a similar product from Armour All
  4. Great. Where's the cheapest place to buy some in Melbourne?
  5. Plasti dip at autobarn for $29
  6. The rub points are not your fault. I've dipped my bike 2-3 times to try some different colours and even if you do heaps of coats to build it up nice and thick it will still rub through where you rub on the tank within a fortnight regardless.

    The stuff is still handy and has its place though. Pretty much idiot proof to apply. Give the surface a good clean and spray on. First coat or two should be light and will look splotchy/see through/shit. But over a few coats it evens out and looks the goods. Easier than a normal rattle can even.

    If you are really keen you could seal it with a clear top coat in a normal paint. Will still be removable but will have to be picked off in flakes rather than peel off in one big piece.

    $30 at extremely limited retailers (excluding ebay which isn't really any cheaper) is the situation in Aus. Something like 4 bucks a can in America...... Go figure.
  7. I assume the high gloss black is the untreated tank ? ... I like that one :D
  8. how hard is it to take that stuff off?
  9. it peels straight off, being a rubber "paint". Start at one corner and you can get it all off in one go.

    I used it on my windscreen and it came up pretty good IMO


  10. Love plastidip, however you get better results with the kits by buying a sprayer and a gallon of whatever colour you want etc. Wasn't expecting it to come off so quick however it may have to do with the gloss base you were putting it over.

    Did you prep the surface properly by wiping it down with alcohol?
  11. Seriously? :confused: bikes are made to get marks on them. It's a sign of a well loved and ridden motorcycle. I'd be dubious to buy a bike that looked too much in showroom condition. Either owner never rode it or was in an accident.
  12. Like wise, going to peel it off soon and just try clear coat
    I didn't wipe with alcohol, I thought polish was sufficient. Will try alcohol for the next spray
    Yeah I get where you're coming from, although being a commuter rather a weekend poser I love the black shine on these bikes too much.
  13. They do the plastic paint in clear?
  14. Get another clear coat painted by your local repairer. It's normally better quality than they use at the factory. Honda went through a period of not even clear coating tanks
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  16. Big no no, polishing the tank will stop the plastidip adhering to the surface properly. Alcohol is used to prep the surface to ensure it is free of oils and contaminants as it will prevent it grabbing the surface.

    Also its important with plastidip to finish edges properly to stop it peeling.

    I did a mate rims recently and washed them with citrus then alcohol, lasted over 6 months before the car was stolen.

    This site is better: https://www.dipyourcar.com/
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    Yep, polish is what you put on to STOP things sticking to your paint. Pretty much the worst thing you could have done to prep the surface.

    You need to use dawn dishwasher detergent, then a clay bar for best results.
  18. No wonder it comes off so easily!

    I'm going to give the Clear Armour All a shot this time and prepare it properly with alcohol.
  19. Isn't polish for protecting surfaces and stopping stuff sticking to them ?

    Heh should have read all the posts before I posted. Oh we'll :)
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  20. Nah I think what you're talking about is wax