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Plasti Dip - DIY Removable paint

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Hypervisor, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Wow.

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  2. Yeah interesting. Seen the same sort of stuff for 4wds to stop branch scratches when you go off road. Nice finishbut itd annoy me having ti peel it all off
  3. Thats damn cool. Tempting to pick up a dropped bike just to test it out.
  4. Same same, I just want to try it on something!!! Maybe the Peugeot 306 requires a lick of paint. :rolleyes:
  5. Yeah I know, I don't want to paint any of my bikes they are fine. I wish I still had my scooter that I had a few months ago it would of been perfect.

    There seems to be cans of it on ebay for $25 that's not bad.

    Lets try to see who is out there, lots of learners here......Anyone with a scratched up bike that wants to try fix it in Sydney can post. I can supply tools and a bit of know how to get the fairings off (you need to help). CBR125/Ninja250/CBR250 etc rashed up would be perfect. For $50 (couple of cans I would guess) you could make your bike better and probably increase its value by at least $500. The worse that should happen is that it wont work and you will peel it off and waste a $50 and a afternoon. I will bring a six pack as well to make the work pass easier.

    I wonder if you can sticker kit over the top of it after.
  6. I'm tempted to give my hornet a a try. Lives is Sydney as you know. :][DOUBLEPOST=1357090071,1357087571][/DOUBLEPOST]I would like to have something like the Speed Triple grey colour.

  7. I'm tempted to try this on my less than perfect ninja
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  8. So did anyone give it a shot??
  9. I used it on the white rear plastics of the drz ill post some pics tomorrow after work.
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  10. Can't wait to see a picture. Would love to hit the old banger dirtbike with some, maybe a clear coat gloss over the top just to be fancy.
  11. I quite like this stuff but if it's so easy to remove, what's gunna happen in the real world? Like car parks, keys, people touching etc.?
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    I'm tempted to do the Striple Blazing Orange, what do you guys think?

    Actually, would there be an issue with the tank area where the knees rub against the tank?
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    The pictures I took in the morning look terrible, after I finish tonight ill get some more up.
    My mate has it all over his tank of his Spada and its 100% bulletproof. We've done rain/extreme wind and there's no rubbing or fading.
    Awesome product!

  14. I'm currently doing a spada respray and build sort of thing... Got my tank back from the dude that done it... Starting to bubble so I either have to rub it back and paint it gain or.... Plasti wrap it..... Delimas... Very interested in seeing photos too before I decide ;)
  15. I've ordered some of this to throw on the old dirt bike. Plastics are pretty shagged on it at the moment, so anything will be an improve. I'll take some before/after pictures. Hoping it will come by Friday (company is in Sydney, I'm in Melbourne!), if it does it will be done over the weekend.
  16. Received the cans today. Will take some pictures of the existing plastics tonight and see if i can get a spray in tonight or over the weekend.
  17. Sweet, can't wait!! I'm finishing my bike this weekend and will give this stuff a shot too
  18. Any picks bloke??
  19. [​IMG]




    Only photo's I have at the moment. Product goes on pretty easily, though I greatly underestimated how much I would use. Keep in mind I did no prep work on any of these. I didn't remove the old stickers, did not sand down the plastic or anything. Just a quick wipe with some Prepsol. Still needs the gloss to go on top..

    These are the only plastics I've done so far, need to order more cans for the rest. I'm pretty happy with them, I've never painted before so this will be fine on the old girl.
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  20. How tough is the coat? Very scratch resistant?