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Plastex ???????

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Jimboss, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Howdy - can anybody tell me where i can Buy Plastex (to repair a plastic fairing) in Victoria (Moorabbin area)? Any recommendations for the product? Cheers Jimboss

  2. uhm, just try your local bikeshop, or failing that www.plastex.com.au. a small kit is $30, and it is worth its price as i've repaired a number of broken fairings with the stuff. I'm now on my second kit and will buy a third when i need it.

    p.s. its good for repairing ANY broken plastic, not just fairings. E.g. the key fob for my car was cracked when i got the car, i fixed the crack, and even moulded and replaced the bit of the fob that had broken off. :)
  3. how does it go with your usual bike vibrations?
  4. Can you buy it from Bunnings or Repco?
  5. For anybody who cares I ended up Plastic welding my fairing together - $5.50 spent on soldering iron and used the lid of a bucket (close match - ok close enough) for the extra plastic. Looks great and very strong weld.

    I love being a Bloody Backyarder!
  6. :shock: Really?!?.... cool, sounds good, got pics of your work?
  7. one thing to watch out for with using a soldering iron is if you don't heat the plastic up enough and it cools without joining correctly. It may just be showing my lack of skill with melting plastic with a soldering iron, but i find you cant do as precise a job with filling and shaping with the soldering iron method as the plastex method (as i said it could just be me there)

    Though i may be wrong (It's happened before!) I doubt repco or bunnings would have plastex, the only places i've seen it in is bike shops.

    If you go asking at a spray shop (i called one of their suppliers when i first started trying to chase down someone that'd get plastex) you'll find that they usually use a special heat gun that costs more than you'd want to spend (about $200-500) to do it.

    Seriously get the yellow pages and look up the bike shops within a 30km radius of you and start calling from the nearest and work your way out. Some will deny it exists, others will be helpfull as anything. Good luck
  8. Plastex can be bought from some bike shops but is manily distributed by mail order. I have used it several times and it's very good, and perfectly strong. Plastic welding with a soldering iron is possible but it requires skill and the join will always be weak, and weaker than a Plastex join.
  9. As i said about "weak" joins, it looked ok, but after a little while it sheared and i could see it didnt grip as well and had a weak line across one side of the seam. I guess that's why they use the co$tly gun, it heats it to the exact temp needed.

    For fairing cracks this comment may or may not be relevant. i.e. depending on where it is (a vast expanse of plastic it'd be less of a worry than next to a bolt fastening point).

    r.e. the strength of plastex, I've had to do a join on a 50' bend in a bellypan (side -> bottom) where it was hit by a rock from a truck, the join was 12-13cm long, i had to carve out a lot of plastic from both sides, and now its just as strong as the original plastic was, and after i sprayed it, unless you got it in just the right light, you couldn't even tell it ever had a crack :D.

    Plastex is excellent stuff,as long as you follow the instructions you will have no probs,the only thing you have to be careful about is that it shrinks with heat.....ie when your panel has been repaired then painted,then baked.
    leaves a lovely,little contour map on your newly painted panel.......
    if you or your repairer want to use plastex it should be baked before any filler is added to the repair or it will show through in the final result...just a shame that isnt included in the instructions!!!
  11. Thanks for the info guys.

    I try plastex on my bike's fairing.