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Plasma FHD vs LCD FHD ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer some advice.
    We are in the process of buying either an Plasma or LCD TV in the next few days ( before the 2009 price rise ).
    Looking at spending 1500-2000.
    From what I can gather, the main difference between the two is:
    LCD -
    Pros: lighter, energy efficient better pic quality?
    Cons: Doesn't show a 'true' black ( bad contrast ), limited viewing angle
    Pros: Cheaper, better viewing angle
    Cons: sucks power, heavy

    Also been told to get 'full' HD 1089? and possibly blueray ready?

    Appreciate any input
    ( Sabrina, a friend of mine, suggested i speak to a NR member "Ali' - not sure of his username), who works at the good guys )

  2. Whatever choice you make just be sure it is full 1080 HD and not the 760 otherwise the picture quality will not be there on the larger screens.
    Plasma on the whole is actually more expensive not cheaper and they are available on much larger screens.
    Steer clear of the cheap chinese crap.
  3. Thanks Smee :)
    Just wanted to get my facts right before I get to the stores and have some sales person bullshit me in order to get a sale.
  4. When selecting Full HD, make sure you are getting 1080p rather than 1080i. True Full HD is 1080p.

    Some of the other things to note is that Plasma screens are prone to screen burn in - ie static images that remain on screen for some time like station logos can burn into the screen and remain visible.

    LCD's can also have issues with fast moving action on screen.

    Out of the two, LCD's are the better option IMO.
  5. +1

    LCD are far better for gaming and if you intend leaving them on for a decent amount of time. They also consume much less power.

    Look out for 1080p, 100Hz or better refresh rate

    A 46" should set you back about 2100.

    Spend less than 2k and your cheating yourself IMHO
  6. Got a 47inch LG branded HD LCD recently, and am genuinely surprised at how good it has been. Amazing image quality. No viewing angle issues, no problems at all. Paid $1,100. :wink:
    Look for specials and never pay full whack.
  7. Thanks for all the good advice.
    It's just made my decision easier & more educated.
  8. +1, I don't notice too much drag, and my LCD is a Samsung 40" Series 5, you can get the Series 6 (100hz and better picture) for around $2k now.

    I have a samsung LCD monitor and LCD tv, I've noticed no black issues at all (the old CRTs were bad for that).

    depends on you and your place on how big you want, we originally looked at 32", was tiny compared to a 40" but we were budget constraied to 40"... now looking at it, i dont think i would have gone much larger anyway... i'm not compensating for anything ;) :LOL:
  9. I have a NEC plasma and I think it shits all over the equivelent LCD. A family friend of mine is an electronics repairer and he said that most new plasmas don't suffer the burn in effect. If they did then most tvs would have pay tv logos of one sort or another burnt into the top corner.
  10. 'Full HD' is only necessary when watching BluRay discs with 1080i/p video. It isn't at all necessary when watching TV, as no Australian broadcaster broadcasts in anything like 1080p resolution. The closest is Ten, which broadcasts at 1080i, but everything broadcast is just re-sampled from lower resolution footage. Even when it comes to BluRay, few BluRay discs have video at the full 1920x1080 resolution.

    It is worth having for the time when TV/BluRay does utilise those resolutions, but will be years away.
  11. Vinnie I vote for plasma 1080p and as big as you can get because you soon get used to the size :eek:

    Mine's a Panasonic and its fantastic although the glass screen (LCD have acrylic) reflects light if the curtains are at the wrong angle and I was warned about that.

    Make sure whatever you get has HDMI plugs for future upgrading.
  12. + 1, it really depends on what you are watching as to whether you will get benefit of going for a native resolution of 1920x1080.

    Do yourself a favour and choose for yourself, everyone sees things a little differently.

    One tip is to get the shop to put on a movie / sporting event with a lot of fast movement, this will separate the pretenders from a good thing. Most places have animated movies playing as they look good on anything. Even take a DVD in yourself, cycling is ideal (such as the Tour de France) as you have a lot of colours moving quickly.

    Good luck!
  13. think about what type of use your TV will get:
    Playstation/xbox gaming, or watching sport?

    if its watching sport, then plasma is a better choice.
    if it's gaming, then go the LCD.

    and yes get 1080p and 100hz.

    i got a Sony 46 inch bravia and it's so awesome i have wet dreams about it.

    oh and blu ray movies look KILLER on it
  14. Email bambam101

    He knows all ;)
  15. WINNER!!!!!!!!

    I just bought a 60" 1080p LG Plasma, gorgeous picture but yet to watch anything more than the HD digital channels that are FTA.

    I don't have a blueray player as yet.

    I also bought a 32" LCD 1080p for the bedroom but that is still in the box as I have yet to get around to buying a mount for it.

    Sports etc, get a plasma, for soapies, go the LCD.

    the 60" I paid $4250, (RRP was $4999) the 50" was only $2200 (but SWMBO wanted a 60"
    the 32" I paid $1050, (RRP was $1499)

    You gotta love the Good Guys :grin:

    I tried the "we need to get a PS3 as it's a cheap way of getting a BlueRay player" but she quickly pointed out the JBHIFI dogalogue that had BR players for $400 :doh: PS3 is over $600 :(
  16. The 50" LG looks good on paper, and is within our $ range.
    The above ia 1080p has 4 HDMI inputs & a USB port Chris.
    :) Checking it out tomorrow night
  17. I don't think the 100Hz newer LCDs have the 'tearing' issue with fast motion anymore, but with the amount of heat and energy used, I'd have gone an LCD over plasma anyway.

    Yeah, but which one? There are worse than a bucket of sh!t ones, and the royal seal ones... what is it, the W series to the XBR series?

    I agree the top of the line ones are great, but more expensive than the Samsung equivalent, I did that test when I was interested in the free PS3, but the Samsung with free Blueray player was good too.

    Are you sure on that, quite sure all my blueray movies say 1080p on them, and it sure looks a hell of a lot better than anything else.
  18. I have a 46" Bravia XBR, and it's kinda ehh ~. The best that I can say for it is, 'The others were worse'.
  19. blueray encompasses pretty much all broadcast resolutions, so it would be disk dependant...
  20. As far as I know, the video on all (or almost all) discs is 1920x1080, but the source material will commonly be at a far lower effective resolution. Planet Earth is an example: the video is 1920x1080, but it is comprised of film of varying resolutions.