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Plantar Fasciitis help please

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by aterese, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. I need help in battling pain and staying riding. My condition is just such that it won't heal and I feel like I am walking all day every day on bruised feet.

    I have a long term weak right ankle which I had surgery on early last year and all became good. As I could just rest it and never use the rear brake, it didn't stop me riding.

    However start of this year I developed in the opposite left foot plantar fasciitis, which for me was a tear in the tendon on the sole of my foot. I tried all the usual treatments and wear a night splint....had cortisone injection which lasted a month. I am due to have a blood injection to try to stimulate healing soon.

    My question is towards any riders who have suffered this condition (or have very tight calf tendons/muscles despite stretching). What have you done that successfully made it bearable to ride (comfortable would be a dream) ?

    I have to commute 1 hour each way Gold Coast to Brisbane on a ZX10R sport bike, and I've had no number of attempts to change my riding position to take pressure off the feet.

    I have found if I slouch over the tank, my feet have less pressure resting on the pegs and it is better. Consequence is that I then get shoulder/neck and back soreness. If I sit more upright to correct those, it puts a lot of pressure on the feet and I am moving them around every few minutes due to the ongoing pain.

    I have good riding boots, wear insole gel supports, wear good shoes during the day.

    Worst part is that the repaired right ankle is starting to get weak again due to all this incorrect posture and left foot problems.

    On top of this I have reflux disease which means when I do ride in afternoons only, if I lean forward I get severe nausea and choking feeling all the way home. So anyone with that condition and suggestions I would also welcome.

    Sorry I tend to lurk and read but only input when I really need help :(

    It goes without saying my bike is not being given up as I just upgraded this year and it is my only means of transport and remaining sense of freedom :angel:

  2. A mate of mine has a similar condition in his elbow - been on light duties for months now, and about to go for his second blood injection...
    No apparent "cause" in his case, and nothing in the way of physio etc he can do for it - rest and wait seems to be the treatment.
    Good luck Anita.
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    There are automatic bikes and high powered scooters. Not ideal bit can keep you on two wheels if no other option comes up.

  4. I know how you feel, OP. - I have been suffering from severe plantar fasciitis for the better part of 5 months.

    Really, there's very little that can be done for it. (At least, according to the doctors I've seen.)

    Not to sound trite but perhaps you might consider a different bike?
  5. I've had a touch of this of late - I walk like an old man for the first few steps when I get up. From what I can tell it is from having low arches.

    Nothing to do with riding position and don't know if it will help you but have read that repeatedly picking up a ping pong ball with your toes strengthens the muscles and may releive the sypmtoms over time.

    In the short term, cooling packs and ibuprofen (to take down the inflammation) seems to be all you can do.
  6. I'm not sure about gel insoles, but I have orthotic supports in all my shoes, riding boots included. You can buy them from Woolies and Coles or any shoe shop for around $30, and they cured the problem for me, years ago.
  7. Would a more forgiving bike help? A sports tourer or naked?
  8. I had it a few years ago (pre starting to ride), it has totally healed now, my golden rule was avoid hard soled shoes, I purchased some work shoes that had very soft rubber soles, I only ever wore these, runners or light walking shoes.

    I was given some exercises to do to strengthen the muscles, can't remember if I did them at all.

    Good luck with beating the ailment....
  9. I sympathise. When I used to run competitively, I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. I continued running injured for a year, which eventually led to my demise as a runner. Now I am a fat lazy beer swilling bastard!!Although that is about to change due to a massive improvement in my calve, knees and feet of late.

    I still have an issue with tight calves. Stretching does help, but does not completely solve the issue. I have been doing regular stretching for about 18 months not with the aid of a PT, and its only just starting to improve. Another thing that helps a lot is regular sports massage. It might also pay to go get an x-ray, as its possible it might be a spur. One of the guys in my running club had a heel spur and it caused no end of pain for him. Last but not least, go see a podiatrist (its hard to find a good one) and get some decent orthotics if needed. This made a huge amount off difference to me.

    Like you, bad posture helps legs (I get bad cramping as well), but then you end up with a crook back. Recently I just bought a DR650, and difference is chalk and cheese. Riding in a more upright positions stops the cramps and the back aches. I am so impressed I am thinking of trading in my Triumph Sprint on something like the veestrom or maybe even triumph tiger explorer.
  10. I've looked into this condition a bit since I started my current job at a prominent Melbourne casino (just try and guess which one). Since I stand in one place for eight hours a day, my feet are well and truly rogered. Looking online for likely reasons, plantar came up as my main suspect. From what I remember, there is no cure really, just management. I found gel inserts help a fair bit. After three years though, I've pretty much just gotten used to the pain. Not much else for it. As others have said, maybe you need a change of bike, as much as you love your current ride. Maybe a cruiser for the more relaxed feet position? You could throw on some floorboards too, should go a long way to helping. Good luck :)
  11. Thanks for the responses. Given I just upgraded and had same pain riding my previous sports tourer zzr600....it is riding in general that just hurts.

    I am pretty sure it is due to feet curving over the pegs and if I had a piece of wood on bottom of boots, my feet would not get the pressure points when riding.

    I have seen specialists, trying to hurry up my ankle guy for blood injection that can help healing. This week has been horrible to even walk and I felt a couple of bad pulls, so I do think it has more micro tears :(

    Had ultrasound that confirmed torn the tendon right in the arc....so this is difficult to not reinjure.

    I have found I still get pain first steps to last steps, bit lazy on the stretching but trying many treatments across the day.

    All shoe inserts (including specialists preferred) are causing me more pain than just wearing old sneakers.

    Will go back to podiatrist to recommend best runner, heard Nike LunarEclipse etc are supportive but flexible, which seems what I need during day.

    Bike.....I will not be giving it up. It is a perfect ride other than this condition and I recognise for posture I need to strengthen my back/shoulder area. Seriously, who would give up their new zx10r :)
  12. and worst case, i will get cortisone injection again, at least lasted 6 weeks no pain
  13. Forget about the Lunar Eclipses and all cushioned/structured running shoes on the market. They are the biggest scam in history. They are doing you more harm than good. Are you an actual runner? This is probably where your problem started with your plantar fasiitis. Look up barefoot running/minimalist running.
  14. Not a runner or exerciser, overweight and tight calves most of life due to stuffed right leg (car accident).

    The shoes I was referring are the minimalist ones that have thin sole, high flexibility - taking away from stiff orthopedic shoes which I agree make it worse.

    Barefoot kills me and all specialists warn will prevent healing.
  15. I defiantly would not call the lunar eclipses a minimal shoe, way too much cushioning.

    If you wan to stay with the Nike's, get the Nike Free 3.0. Very minimal, flexible and a little cushioning.
  16. Maybe get lowered pegs?
  17. I have used soft orthotics with great success. The are a high density foam, rather than a hard plastic. Hard to find someone who will make them though, and they are only good for about 12 months.
  18. Thanks again for the input