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Planning to ride again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by AndrewB81, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Hi, I passed my tests in 2006 and rode for 2 years before I ran out of money, times have changed - my fortunes have changed - and I want to get my old Suzuki GS500 back on the road. I have suffered some serious bike-lust lately and I would like to move away from my LAMS bike but I thought I should get confident on something I know first.

    My bike hasn't moved or been serviced for 7 years so things aren't great. I remember draining and changing the oil in like 2009. I bump started, ran it for 5mins and since then it has just sat there. I dropped it from stationery a few times - always at home on the driveway - never dropped in motion so I think it should be OK. I was in Parramatta and I decided to walk down to the place I bought my bike, Action Motorcycles. They are not there anymore they may have gone bust, that's why I've come here to start planning and look for advice.

    I will be stalking the forums for a while to find out what to do to get it roadworthy and re-register it. If I can't find the threads that will help I will post some questions. If you can shout out any resources you can think of that might help me, please do, thanks.

    Anyway, just saying hi.
  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR! Sounds like quite the adventure you will be having!
  3. welcome aboard :) good luck getting your bike going again
  4. Forget the GS500. Just get a 'busa :couchpotato: You'll be fine.
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  5. Drop in to a local bike mechanic, explain the situation. They usually have a van to load bikes into, and will transport yours to their workshop for a fee. Then they can service it and do checks etc and help you get on the road.

    If they don't seem helpful, then just move on to another mechanic. Decent people understand that life happens.

    This will all cost money, but what do you expect? If you get it road worthy and rego it, you can then more easily trade it in or sell it for the next one.

    Good luck with it.
  6. 1) Battery will be stuffed
    2) Mandatory to change engine oil
    3) Chain likely stuffed (Check that it is all free, no tight spots)
    4) Carbies likely dried out and gummed up
    5) Tyres will have gone dangerously hard
    6) Brakes possibly having master cylinder issues and possibly seized calipers etc.
    7) Rusty fuel tank and dirty fuel? It will need to be changed anyway

    This is just for starters, there can be lots of other dramas, however if you are up for it, then it may be worth putting it back on the road. Do as much as you can then get a mechanic to check it out. Be prepared for pain! I even saw one with a semi-seized steering head that was notchy as anything from sitting in the one position for too long.
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  7. welcome aboard :)
  8. Thanks for all your responses. I didn't consider the tyres getting brittle but I guess that makes sense. I just got the Haynes workshop manual for the GS500 and I have to catch up on a few maintenance tasks that just have to be completed as a factor of time not kilometres travelled. I know I have to bite the bullet to take it to someone who knows what they are doing but first I am hoping that a new battery, drain and oil change and some verbal encourage will get the engine to turn over. That's the plan for the weekend.

    Thanks again. If I go all the way with this bike I'll post the costs I face so others can learn from my misfortune.
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  9. Welcome back...

    Hope all goes well for you.

    Why don't you buy another bike and make this a project bike...
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  10. Given its age and that it has carbies, if you can, jump it off a car for a while with the spark plugs disconnected or disabled and turn it over until the oil light goes out. Get that oil circulated before allowing the engine to start.