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Planning Tassie Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by fightingtiger, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just planning a Trip to Tassie as I now have found an old Air Force Buddy down in Hobart and I love Tassie.

    I have checked out the Spirit website and it is around $850 or so for two people and two bikes return.

    Does anyone have experience with transporters so you get a cheap flight and have someone ship the bikes over and back ??

    I went over there a few years ago and vowed to come back if I ever got my Bike license - and now I do :)

    Any advice Guys
  2. Hi there fightingtiger

    You will find that its more expensive to get the bikes moved than it is to pay for the trip on the spirit :( I got some quotes earlier in the year and the cheapest quote I got to have a bike shipped from Melbourne to Launceston was $380 one way! That was with the bike delivered to them in Melbourne and delivered to the door here in Lonnie.

    I believe that you can send the bikes across on the spirit unattended but its more expensive than if you travel with them, also you need to arrange drop off and pick up.

    If you are still thining of moving the bikes and flying contact Carolynn at www.tmt.net.au on 03 6423 1555 to get prices.

    In the end I had a mate that was going over to Victoria and he bought the bike back on the back of a ute and more recently I bought one across on the spirit.

    Have a search for post with my user name there are a few suggested rides and some infor about tassie. You will have a ball, the roads down here are awesome :)
  3. Thanks for the advice Mate.

    There is some sort of rebate which makes the bike on the boat cheap at $51 per bike each way.

    My only issue is in the past I have been prone to sea sickness, and if I get a bumpy ride, I may be unable to ride when I hit Tassie.

    Having said that there are now heaps of natural sea sickness cures like ginger which should save the day.

    I did a drive from Launceston up to the north east through some hills - awesome - unfortunately it was in a Hyundai Getz with a car sick prone Missus so not much fun :-(

    I am thinking by myself on the Ducati Pantah will be much miore to my liking :)

    Up until I was caught by the Bike Bug i did plan to take my old Alfa over but maybe it will miss out now.

    I will check out the ride - thanks for your help.
  4. No Problems :)

    Yeah the rebate is called the "Bass Strait Passenger Vehicle Equalisation Scheme (BSPVES)" hence its cheaper if you travel with the bike :)

    Have a look at these http://www.landfallnavigation.com/-sms01.html for the sea sickness. I had a partner years ago that would get sea sick standing on the wharf as well as airsick, used the bands and we went sailing heaps and did a round australia trip in a 6 seater light aircraft without incident, don't know how they work but they work!

    Here is a link to the threads with the rides:



    Also definetly don't miss the Lake Leake road between Campbell Town and Swansea - In a word *awesome* :)
  5. $850 sounds well over the top for the Spirit of Tassie! You must have booked the deluxe honeymoon suite mate! lol

    I did the trip a few years back and took a travacalm about 10-ish and was knocked out fast asleep in my cabin bunk by 11-ish. The sea was a little choppy but the boat was stable as.